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I keep important information on my notes App. Twice now my

Customer Question

I keep important information on my notes App. Twice now my Notes have just been reset to what I had in January this year and I have lost improtant information. How do I recover my current version of notes, it looks like my iCloud saved notes has also been overwritten and what can I do to stop this occuring again?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  CompExpert replied 4 years ago.

CompExpert :

the best way is to save your notes on your computer. download and install Touchcopy, used it to backup your notes into your pc for save keeping.

because backup on icloud might overwrite your notes files and anything on ipad notes app might get reset if app corrupted.

let me know if you still running into problem.

JACUSTOMER-9vbux5at- :

Thanks for the back up suggestion. I am actually looking for advise on how to recover information that has been lost

CompExpert :

in your question you asked " what can I do to stop this occuring again"
and didnt mention anything about asking to recovery thats why I thought you want a way to do better backup.

CompExpert :

I guess you didnt know, but rating me negatively will effect my overall profile

CompExpert :

also, for your problem.

unfortunately, if the file been overwrite or delete from ipad, currently there is not software available to do data recovery for Apple devices such as ipad, iphone and ipod since the storage hard drive is different than the traditional hard drive.

CompExpert :

is there anything else I can help to change this situation into a positive one, since the only way to change my negative feedback into a positive feedback is to have you rate positive?

JACUSTOMER-9vbux5at- :

Hi there. I'm sorry about the negative rating and i appreciate the assistance. If you look at the question you will see that there were two questions. The first question was how do I recover my current version of notes and the second was what can I do to stop this happening again and it has happened twice. What I am looking for is why this happening and is there a way I can go back to a previous back of in iClouds to restore what was lost - I am fairly sure there must be a solution if I have backed up to iClouds. If the information was overwritten on my iPhone I would agree with you but with it being backed up in iClouds this is a different situation. If I rated you OK I would be paying $35 for something that doesn't solve my problem or give me an idea of why it occurred

CompExpert :

since icloud is a free service, there is not data recovery or history saved for you to do recover your data.

did you backup or sync with itunes before this happen?

if you have an mac, used itunes data recovery and see if you can recovery it.

for pc windows

CompExpert :

maybe that can help you out.