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I have iMac OS X V10.5.8 How do I get to play flv format ex

Resolved Question:

I have iMac OS X V10.5.8
How do I get to play flv format ex downloads
(a) off my hard drive,
(b) off downloaded discs?

Is there a recommended flash drive I should install?
Ant traps to avoid?

Storry Walton
!PQ 3013 TWVG (if this ident is still viable!)
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  CompExpert replied 4 years ago.

CompExpert :


go to link below and download vlc player. VLC player will play all video format include flv, very useful and a lot better than quicktime player.

some website require flash player most playing game online.

go here to download it ---->>

CompExpert :

so give vlc player a try

its free

let me know if you still question, if everything workout for you, please click accept. thank you and have a wonderful weekend


Will vicplayer also allow me to view MP4 for mac?

CompExpert :


CompExpert :

it will play all video format

CompExpert :

im sure you will love it

CompExpert :

been my favorite player for years

CompExpert :

if you still have question please let me know . thank you


I have just looked at the link to vicplayer you recommended and it indicates that it is suitable for mac versions 10.6 etc.


But mine is 10.5.8. Will it work? The site offers downloads to two sites for 10.5 (not 10.5.8). One 24.2 meg and one 23.2 meg Are either of these relevant. I am confused as to what to download!



CompExpert :

sorry for the confused, the one on the left side is for intel cpu and the right is for power pc cpu.

you imac should be a intel cpu, so download the one with 24.3mb for os 10.5

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