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CompExpert, Mac Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Apple Desktop/Laptops with 8 years exp. Apple Certified
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Lost my i-tunes account info - have not used it for over a

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Lost my i-tunes account info - have not used it for over a year

CompExpert :

do you remember you apple ID?

reset your password go here --->>>
recovery your apple id go here --->>>

CompExpert :

if you try both and still doesnt work.

you might need to create new account ---->>>>

CompExpert :

let me know if you have any more question

Customer: if the last time i used i-tunes was from a PC - does that mean my i-pad useage is a separate account and if so how i retrieve what was on my PC account??
CompExpert :

does matter

CompExpert :

one apple account for all devices

CompExpert :

oh you want to put your music from a separate account

CompExpert :

to your ipad acount

Customer: did you get my last response?
CompExpert :


CompExpert :

send to me again

Customer: the last time i used my i-tunes account it was from a PC - which is long gone - is there anyway i can retrive what i had in that account?
CompExpert :

yes, do you still remember the apple id and password?

if you dont go to those link i send you to reset password XXXXX get your id back

CompExpert :

then go there ---->>>

CompExpert :

it will show you how to redownload all your purchased app and music

Customer: i have an account on my i-pad and i know my ID
CompExpert :

just log in to that account with app store

CompExpert :

and click purchased

CompExpert :

and redownload everything you purchased before

CompExpert :

just go here, it will give you more directions on how to download your purchased again

CompExpert :

Customer: thanks
CompExpert :

is there anything else you want to ask me?

CompExpert :

if you do, welcome to let me know

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