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I have a new Mac Pro i7. I have a 2TB expansion drive that

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I have a new Mac Pro i7. I have a 2TB expansion drive that I use to transfer files between my PC and my mac. The drive is formatted NTFS. I have been unable to write to the external drive from my Mac. I can read the drive from my Mac, and I can read & write the drive from my PC. I have set all the permissions on the drive open from my PC, but everything I tried still doesn't let me write to the drive from my Mac.
You will need this to write to NTSF disk on Mac, it is not supported natively:
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I already knew about Paragon. However, I understood that the NTFS write capability was built-in to OS-X. I just wanted to know how to use Mac Terminal to configure the NTFS permissions on the Mac. I guess I should have stated that in my question. I was looking for permission configuration help, not for a product purchase. I will go ahead and pay for my answer, since I didn't qualify my question well enough.
Sorry but I have been using that for a few years and it is the best option, I have not seen any Mac support for NTSF regardless of permissions. Thank you. It works well.
Thank you, you would be surprised how many customers drag you on for days and then refuse to Accept you are very generous. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I tried the Paragon software as a free trial. No luck. My Mac still can't write to the NTFS drive. Can I partition the rive and put a FAT partition on it , or some other partition format that can be written by both MAC AND pc.
That is not possible are you using it correctly? If you go to System Preferences / Paragon NTSF do you see the drive listed?
But yes you can format as Fat 32, Mac can write to that with the Fat 32 limit of 4 GB file size... it is not nearly as fast as using the sosftware.

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