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I have just purchased a mac mini that came with iLife. I have

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I have just purchased a mac mini that came with iLife.
I have created movie in iMovie and I want to burn it to DVD.
iMovie Share tells me to use iDVD to burn a DVD.
When I do this it comes up with a window requesting location of iDVD.
I cannot find the software
If you use Spotlight (magnifying glass in right hand corner), and start typing iDVD, and see if it shows in the results.

Another option would be to reinstall iLife (only iDVD thought). Put in the Application DVD that came with your Mac or use the iLife DVD (if purchased separately). During the installation, select the checkbox next to iDVD, then click Install.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I tried Spotlight and the top hit was an iDVD upgrade I downloaded hoping that that was the issue - I could not install it because it could not find iDVD. The only other things I got was a list of all the web pages I have been using to search for help.
iLife came pre-installed on my MacMini and there was no application DVD in the box
See if it's on the Install DVD then.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
There were no DVD's in the mac mini box.
I just checked the getting started manual which lists box contents and no DVD is listed.
Nevermind, I see that you said 'just purchased', so it's a new one. There isn't CD/DVD drive on the new ones. My apologies! That is why only iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand are installed. It would probably install if you hooked up an external CD/DVD drive though.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I bought the Apple DVD drive unit with my Mac Mini.
When I first plugged it in I dod not notice any software down loads and that was a week or so before I ran into the iDVD issue.
Maybe I missed doing something when I first powered up the Mini, is there a set-up procedure or something that I can repeat now????
So does your Mac see the DVD Drive? You should see it listed on the Desktop or in Finder.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, the Mac sees the DVD drive in the finder and in fact I tested it - I can both burn and read any DVD in it.

Basically I am now thinking that Apple did not include iDVD with the computer and my guess is that they are trying to force you to use iTunes or some other non-hardware media to share movies. But it really sucks that they advertise the fact that you can burn DVDs from their iMovie software when in fact it does not seem you can.....
Any other suggestions?????

Ok, after doing more research on this problem, I have found out that Apple is phasing out iDVD and iWeb from the iLife family. Apple's plan is to eventually move away from using an optical drive and have everything installed from the App Store/online.

Apple's resolution to this problem is to purchase iLife 11 which has iDVD. It's $49 (the price was probably lowered because people are running into the same problem as you) Link

I suggest contacting Apple and asking them about it. They can be reached at:




Or you can leave them feedback here: and ask why it wasn't included and you need it, etc.


I highly suggest calling them and pressing the issue. Hopefully they will send you a free copy of it.

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