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Mike, Mac Medic
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Over 20 years IT experience with Apple computers in publishing, marketing and design.
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Hey Mike, I took my macbook pro to be repaired by a non

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Hey Mike,
I took my macbook pro to be repaired by a non apple certified third party technician who was excellent. He saw a scratch on a single block of my hard drive, viruses, and removed macckeeper from the system. I won't be returning to mackeeper. He wiped the hard drive and reformatted it and now it's working beautifully. He put main menu pro on my computer and told me the importance of using the disk utility. He claimed that this was all I needed.....let me continue.....
Great! Drive Genius or TechTool Pro can also check for bad blocks but they don't happen that often. I think they can map them out without reformatting.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Anyhow, now altogether I have mainmenu pro working on my behalf with a custom feature he created just for me for the apparent purpose of restructuring corrupt or damaged files and processes, as well as avast for internet security against malware, spyware, viruses etc, and drive genius which has features i love. They are all doing special things particularly well, but it would seem there is too much redundancy in this system. Is there a way to get these all to get along? When these applications are shut off are they actually shut off? Is it possible they will shred programs and destroy my registry by detecting each other's activity? I really like a lot of what these different programs do...but my dad is really insistent that its not a good idea to have this level of redundancy in the system. Would it be better to just get a more specialized virus protection and dump avast? So far my computer has maintained it's 28 second startup speed and 3 second shut down speed. So can you give me some advice...should i just keep all these programs? should i dump avast and get something like norton or kaspersky? By the way, I am an aspiring techie, as I am an artist who devoted a lot of time to mastering classical technique in traditional media, I'm very much switching over to digital and since i can make my own oil paints and canvas etc. I want to begin to master this universe of digital stuff. It's really important I begin to understand these things. My mac pro 12 core with 2 6 core 2.9 gb intel xeon westmere processors, 2 radeon 770 graphics cards, a 512gb ssd in drive bay 1 and a 2tb 7200 rpm hard drive in drive bay 2 with 32gb of ram is going to be arriving on sep 26th. I want that to always work beautifully. So I am trying to do work out some of these possible issues before hand on the lap top. So any advice about these security issues? Can mainmenu pro, drive genius and avast all get along as long as none are run at the same time? When the applications are shut down are they still working in the background? What kind of security protocols would you reccomend? I am also going to pair the computer with a livedrive account to keep most of my stuff backed up on the cloud, i have a 4tb mybook studio 2 with time machine compatibility and a raid array that can be set to a striped 0 array or a mirrored 5 array, as well as an i-drive account which is also time machine compatible. This is a lot of maintainence and security, but my entire life will be tied up in this machine. What do you reccomend? Where are conflicts, where are redundancies, what are the risks? Please give me some advice! I await more god like wisdom.
First I envy your purchase!!! In my opinion you don't really need any of that, if you know what you are doing. Ther are no viruses for Mac and there is no "registry". If you have to use a virus protection I use Intego / Virus Barrier 6 and it seems to be the least drag on the system but I have not tried the others recenlty. I do not recommend Norton and STAY AWAY from MacKeeper. If you do not what to use a program I would uninstall it especially security or virus software. If you use Disk Utility often that is really all you need as long as you have a backup. Drive Genius, TechTool Pro and Disk Warrior are also recommended but not all just one.
Mike and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I had written my explanation of why I put the other security features on but it's not showing in our thread. Anyway, i like a lot of things drive genius does like defragging the drive, detecting bad blocks, duplicates, etc. that the other 2 programs don't do...i also realized i needed virus protection because the program the guy gave me and drive genius lack that....and my comp was apparently infected. Soooo, yeah. BTW I meant 2,9 GHZ processors not GB...i know the difference. If you can give me some good answers and insight on this there will be a nice reward in it for you obviously, and another question that will be so insanely easy and 1 sentence it will be a welcome relief from my typical bombastic ramblings.
It was not infected there are NO viruses for Mac. Why do you say it was infected?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I feel like I do need that computer because I am going to be doing free lancing all year....i do photography, digi painting, digi sculpting, graphic design and most importantly will be creating a demo reel of 3-d animation that will be scored with lots of music. I've also been referred by an apple concierge to apply to my local store, and will be applying at the place that fixed my mac, i was told to bring in my resume along with the mac pro when it arrives so he can help set it up :) . The guy seemed to know what he was talking about when he said there were viruses infecting it. Also...what is a registry then? I know this counts as a new question I will pay you for 2 of them then. Where is a place I can go like internet wise and book wise to begin to learn some of this shit for myself. I promise the next Q will be wicked easy. I really do want to know what I'm doing...the point is I don't. How do you even know when something is a drag on the system?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Also...if there are no viruses....why do you have virus protection?
They have virus protection to make money and it also finds windows viruses which ARE a big problem (for them) so you don't want to be sending one to your friends but they won’t hurt your Mac. They also catch other things like computer scans or phishing sites for those that are fooled by that stuff. By your own admission he was non Apple certified so he was wrong. A registry is on Windows OS, and has nothing to do with Mac OS. I say it is less of a drag on the system because it does not slow me down, hard to explain but you would know. You can always look at Activity monitor in Utilities folder for what programs are using the most CPU. Start here:
I try most software because that is my job and I also have Windows computers which are vulnerable to viruses.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok I guess to wrap this exchange up...a big part of my question do I find out what an application is doing even when it is shut down? How can I tell if it still roaming around in the background and what it's doing? If the programs are truly shut down, will they still interact? Is the way to do this just to look at the cpu monitor? Is this a good analogy for the security programs:
seeing 2 different doctors and getting the same diagnosis of high cholestorol, so they put you on 2 different cholestorol lowering drugs and suddenly you're dead? And dude, yeah I have no idea what I'm doing yet quite honestly. That's why I'm applying to the little techie store and apple...the people i've been speaking with there have I think picked up on a basic intuitive understanding i have about computers, as well as a desire to improve and learn the best way to do stuff; which is why i think they asked me apply. I hope you don't interpret that drive on my part is flippance or a lack of respect for what you are saying...i'm just trying to understand as best as possible.
Yes you can see what is running in the Activity Monitor, but best to uninstall. You only need one securty/virus program not sure what else to tell you there. I don't know what you mean by "apply".
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i meant apply for employment. I really like computers and want to work with them in order to better use them and gain more self sufficiency. One of the apple people suggested I apply and is giving me a referral and at the other place the techie guy needs some help, his business is growing like crazy. Thanks for answering the questions. I will have to suss out which security program is the best for my needs then. I appreciate the patience and help, as well as the suggestions on specific applications, utilities and resources.
No problem heading over the the Apple store right now. Hands on is the best way to learn.

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