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I am using DragonDictate 2.5 on my MacBook Pro. When I disconnect

Customer Question

I am using DragonDictate 2.5 on my MacBook Pro. When I disconnect the microphone and reconnect the microphone it almost never works without quitting Dragon Dictate and restarting from scratch.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Daniel replied 5 years ago.
Hello, my name is Dan.
I will do my best to help you, the only stupid question is the unasked one.
I also have DragonDictate 2.5, I don't use it because it seems to be rather buggy.
I use MacSpeechDictate, it is the forerunner to Dragon dictate, in my opinion it works much nicer with fewer bugs.
I would suggest reinstalling it and do not change any settings, that is where it runs into trouble, I have been back and forth with Nuance about this issue and that is the advice they gave me.
So I went back to MacSpeech and am happy with the way it works, I have no trouble with microphones.
You might try turning the mic off in the floating window before unplugging, that can help.
Another thing is repairing permissions, this will do nothing to or for Dragon but will help your computer work better and resolve any convicts between Dragon and sound preferences.

Repairing Permissions That is a PDF explaining how and why.


I am sorry about this problem and here is a link to a FAQ for this.

There is an update to 2.5.1 there also.

Nuance - Dragon for MAC - Dragon for Mac


One more thing, I use Logitech microphones, that may or may not have anything to do with it.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I believe you may have spent a fair amount of time researching this problem which I greatly appreciate. However, I still do not have a solution to the problem or even an improvement. Let me go so your points in your answer back to me.

1. I do have the very latest version of Dragon dictate 2.5.1. Except for the subject at hand I have found Dragon Dictate to work very well and to be quite stable, although admittedly not crash free. To put it another way I have not had any problems that come close to the microphone problem I signed you guys up for.

2. I think I've tried all combinations of microphone off microphone on before disconnecting the microphone. Sometimes, I am able to disconnect the microphone and if I do not click the OK button on the message it pops up telling you the microphone has been disconnected until after it's reconnected it works. But not always.

3. I did find that if I am switching from the USB microphone to using the iPhone as a remote microphone that will work or at least it didn't 1st time I tried it.

4. I did go back and ran some experience on MacSpeech only to find exactly the same problem. So this is not a solution not to mention the fact I like the performance of DragonDictate for the Mac better than that of MacSpeech.

5. I did go through the process of repairing permissions. The result no noticeable difference.

6. I am using the microphone that came with MacSpeech when I bought it, something like VX–2. I really do not see how it could be a microphone problem per se. This is a case of either it works or doesn't work not in between quality of signal issue. Also I should point out that even though the audio is not getting to Dragon Dictate there always is an audio signal at the microphone in the system preferences.

So with being said I do not think my problem is any better understood than it was before I introduced it to you. I know the problems not unique to me and my computer as I have seen other users expressing in describing having the same problem. What I have not seen is any sort of a clear answer to what is going on which I suppose the final analysis has to come from Nuance in the form of a software fix or maybe a temporary procedural fix, or what?

Sorry for the long message but I do hope there is enough information to help somebody find a solution to this problem as it is extremely annoying needing to close down Dragon Dictate in then reopen it after the computer has been sleeping.

So at this point I'm going to wait a little while there to see what you're able to come up with before I clicked the “accept” button.
Expert:  Daniel replied 5 years ago.
That is some good info, a few points that aren't clear.
The iPhone as remote- did it or didn't it work?
Overall it seems hit and miss, I have not experienced the symptoms you describe other than crashing and hanging.
I do think that it does do a pretty good job 95% of the time.

It may or may not be the brand of mic or an input issue or maybe even conflicting software running. Lots of variables, I have usually 11 -15 apps running all the time with MacSpeech, it crashes sometimes and gets stupid sometimes, occupational hazard.

Sleeping could be part of the problem. Do you put the computer and hard drive to sleep?
I only put the display to sleep because of wakeup issues with applications.
Some do not take well to waking up after a nap.
Try changing the sleep preferences to just display sleep and see if that makes a difference.