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Ive installed or tried to install iTunes 10.2.1 for my PC

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I've installed or tried to install iTunes 10.2.1 for my PC and iTunes was working fine before that install. When it was in the install process, it gives this error of "Error writing to file: C:
\Program Files.......Verify you have access to that directory."

Ok, so I tried to repair the install. Nothing. I repaired it through my computer. Nothing. Same error. So I uninstalled iTunes completely and then tried to re-install it. Along with that, I tried to see if there was a corrupted file anywhere on my hard drive and there wasn't. I can't install older versions of iTunes as I keep receiving the same error. I have tried pretty much everything and am at my wits end with iTunes. Everything was fine up until that new software update.

Is there anything else I can do so my iPod doesn't just become a paperweight and I don't have to switch to Rhapsody?
Hello, and thank you for asking your question, with
I am Sr. Mac Tech Support Specialist, Terry, glad to assist you.

**Please note: An "Answer" by me, or an"Accept" from you, does not mean
the session has ended. So please remain patient with me and I will work
diligently, to resolve your technical question to your satisfaction.-Thanks!*
Here are some steps you can try to resolve the issue:

• What I would recommend you do first, is go into Start>Program Files>iTunes Music and save your entire iTunes folder to an external storage drive or jumpdrive if you have one that can hold the capacity of your iTunes library. -- This not a requirement, more of an option and to be safe (even though removing iTunes the program, will not delete your iTunes Music folder, which contains all of your music, video, and movies, etc)

• Next I recommend you download this free software utility called Revo Uninstaller

• This software will remove all files, folders and subfolders of iTunes, so no residual files are left behind. I can assure you, your previous deletions of iTunes, left some other files for the iTunes program behind.

• Revo Uninstaller is an easy to use program, which will enable you to completely remove all of the affected program in this case iTunes.

-- then allowing you to reinstall a clean version of iTunes on your PC. Make sure you download the 32-bit version of iTunes for Windows not 64 bit version.

(In case you have an iTunes Library you need to import into the newly installed iTunes)
• Once you re-install a fresh version of iTunes, you may see your iTunes library still in tact, which is fine, but just in case, you want to make sure you have a backup of your iTunes Music library anyway.

• If the new iTunes program has a Library that is empty, simply take your iTunes Music folder and drag onto the open iTunes library and iTunes will automatically start importing all your previous iTunes files back into the iTunes library.

-- This is just the first answer, but from my experience, a viable one. If this does not help resolve the issue, please be sure to reply back to me in this post.

Thank you!


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok first thanks for your help.

I downloaded the Revo UnInstaller and got rid of everything related to apple that was left, including Bonjour and Quicktime.

I then tried to re-install iTunes and got the same error. Also I can't download the 32 bit version because I have the 64 bit version of Vista.
Ah ok, that is good to know.

I think I may have an idea now what the issue is.
But before I go forward, do you have any anti-virus or firewall software
installed on your computer?

If so, what is the name of that software? (name each if more than two)

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX be waiting for this update from you.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have the regular Windows Defender as my firewall protection and then I have Avast Anti-virus as my virus scanning software.
Thanks for the detailed update.
Ok here is what I want you to try:

Click on Start
In the Search programs box, type Windows Security
• This will bring up the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Local Computer window.
• Check under Overview to see if your Firewall is turned on.
• If it is, check the Inbound and Outbound Rules and see if
QTTask.exe is listed and is blocked within the firewall,

If it is, unblock it-- (if you see it) it is the Quicktime Task executable file, that may be blocked by the Windows Security rules.

To remove this should free up iTunes to function again

• If you do not see the QTTask.exe file is not listed

* Check the rules and quarantines lists within your Avast-Antivirus software as well.

I do not have access to that anti-virus so I am not sure how to access the properties of that software.

However I can say, typically, if the Anti-virus software has an icon on the system tray (bottom right corner on the task bar near the clock) you may be able to right-click and select the properties or advanced settings and check those settings there.


Let me know if this helps.


I will be watching for your update on this.


Thanks for your patience!



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I couldn't find the QTTask.exe in the ingoing or outgoing connections, nor does it seem to be held down by my antivirus software either..

I'm double-checking my virus software, but not seeing anything at the current time.
Thanks for the update.

In that case, what I would like you to do (you don't need to unistall iTunes at this point)
Is follow these steps from Microsft Support to run the chdsk procedure in an effort to try and repair this iTunes fault;
How to perform disk error checking in Windows XP

Select both Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors, or use chkdsk r/

Reply back to me when you are done, I am interested to know if this helps.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Alright so I tried to run chkdsk via the command prompt first in read-only mode and it said "Access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges. You have to invoke this utility in elevated mode."

Next I tried to do it via going through "My Computer" ----> Properties ----> Tools -----> Run disk check. That seemed to be working then I got a message saying I could run this while the disk is in use and it asked me if I wanted to schedule one. I clicked yes, but then nothing else happened.
I have gone deep within my resources and I was able to come across Apple Support's walk through for uninstalling iTunes from Windows Vista 64-bit and then re-installing the application so it will install properly.

This article is too detailed for me to type out here for you, but the steps are clear from Apple's detail and easy to follow.
So give these processes a try and let me know if these suggested processes from
Apple help after all:
Link: Trouble with Installing iTunes and Quicktime in Windows

I will be here for awhile this evening (Pacific time), so please update me if you get results or if you need my help with Apple's processes to resolve this install issue.

Thank you again for being so patient. I am going to get a resolution for you one way or the other, so don't give up!

Warmest Regards,

MacTechTrainer and 3 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Holy crap this FINALLY worked....I can finally update my music and just plain enjoy it again.

Awesome. Thank you very much for you constant help and patience through this. I really, really, really appreciate it.

My pleasure! Thank you for the Accept and the kindness of your Bonus! I appreciate this very much.

We are always glad to provide the answers that will help you with your Mac technical needs.

We also appreciate you taking a moment to provide feedback of our service, as we are always striving to continually provide the best possible customer service experience for you, here with

Thank you for using!

Sincerest Regards,


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