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When trying to print a photo out of iPhoto 9.1.1, the app freezes

Resolved Question:

When trying to print a photo out of iPhoto 9.1.1, the app freezes and I must Force Quit. I'm on Snow Leopard. any solution?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  loadedmind replied 6 years ago.
Hi and welcome to JustAnswer - I'm John. What I would suggest you try first is to repair your disk permissions and see whether this corrects iPhoto's stability. Here are the instructions for performing a Disk Repair:

Repairing Disk Permissions

1) Close any/all applications, programs, etc.

2) Open the Disk Utility by selecting Applications -> Utilities -> and then Disk Utility

3) From the left pane toward the top, select Macintosh HD (or whatever name you've called it if changed from default)

4) From the right pane toward the bottom, select the "Repair Disk Permissions" button. Once complete, reboot your Mac.

Note: This process can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or so. Things that can affect the time it takes Repair Disk Permissions to complete:

* Whether you've run Repair Disk Permissions or not
* How fast your computer is

From my experience, I've seen this utility fix all sorts of issues - anywhere from Applications/Utilities not launching or responding to Mac computers not booting properly. Because of this, I recommend you do this once every couple of months and any time you perform an Apple Software Update.

If after you have rebooted your Mac and tried printing from iPhoto and the problem still exists, I would recommend you uninstall/reinstall iPhoto. Before doing this, it is EXTREMELY important that you backup any data on your hard drive - be this an external hard drive or otherwise. Here are the steps for uninstalling/reinstalling iPhoto:

1) Delete the current application by opening Finder, then navigating to Applications and dragging iPhoto to the Trash

2) Delete any files associated with iPhoto in the file name that resides within the Macintosh HD/Library/Receipts folder.

3) Delete the Themes folder from your User/[your username]/Library/Application Support/iPhoto folder.

Also look in the Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/iPhoto folder for a Themes folder. If there is one there, remove as well.

5) Boot your Mac using the system disk that came with it and do a custom install SELETING ONLY IPHOTO.

Please let me know what happens after you try repairing your disk permissions first, then doing the uninstall/reinstall procedure.

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