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Can I increase the page view breadth for Word When I zoom

Customer Question

Can I increase the page view breadth for Word? When I zoom in so the font in readable, the page scrolls off the screen. It then becomes very annoying to type or to read, as the page keeps shifting back and forth, left and right.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 6 years ago.

Mac Extraordinaire :


Verify that the window is maximized; that is all you can do.

By design of how and what the zoom feature does, this is what happens. When you zoom in, the viewable area is decreased.

Thank you.

JACUSTOMER-g5nk7ij7- :

I've already done that. It does not solve my problem.

Mac Extraordinaire :

Please, help me understand to understand your issue.

What exactly do you want the screen to look like?

JACUSTOMER-g5nk7ij7- :

My monitor screen is 14" wide.

JACUSTOMER-g5nk7ij7- :

My monitor screen is 14 inches wide. When I pull up Word, the frame is only 6" wide.

JACUSTOMER-g5nk7ij7- :

To be able to view the width of a page on Word with the font large enough to easily read, it scrolls off the right. I would like the width of the displayed page on Word to be, say, 10-12 inches so that I can type and review my typing without the documents to continue shifting left and right.

Mac Extraordinaire :

I am confused.

When you do this, is the word program window maximized? You said that it is, but your comments about it not being the full 14" of the screen contradicts your earlier statement.

JACUSTOMER-g5nk7ij7- :

Immediate concern: PayPal had charged me already. WHY???

JACUSTOMER-g5nk7ij7- :

I do maximize using the green dot in the upper left of the Word document, or minimize using the yellow dot. Is this what you mean? Is there a different control that brings the document to the full width of the screen? When I go from minimize to maximize, I still get only a 6" wide frame, inadequate to show the width of the page if I zoom in so the letters are legible to my aging eyes. Indeed, the main reason I upgraded to include a larger monitor (17" diagonal) is so I would not have this problem.

Mac Extraordinaire :

I am sorry, but I am not understanding. I have run out of ideas.

For this reason, I am opting out of the question and allowing another expert the chance to help.

I wish you luck // Peace.