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Omer Mushahwar
Omer Mushahwar, Computer Hardware Engineer
Category: Mac
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I run Windows 7 in Parallels on a Mac and use IE for browsing.

Resolved Question:

I run Windows 7 in Parallels on a Mac and use IE for browsing. Problem is that I downloaded the latest version of IE - Version 9. It does not work and has apparently deleted the previous version of IE as well. This means that I no longer have the means to download anything from the web - not even the previous version of IE. Help - I really don't know what to do.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Omer Mushahwar replied 6 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
Omer Mushahwar :

Hi I am one of the experts here on Just

Omer Mushahwar :

With Parrells you should have shared folders on the mac side you should be able to download internet explorer 8 using your mac browser and then be able to get to the install through the folders the windows 7 and mac share

Omer Mushahwar :

please give this a try and let me know how it goes

Omer Mushahwar :

I would stick with using version 8 for now while running parrells

Omer Mushahwar :

If that doesnt work for you

Omer Mushahwar :

First make sure IE9 is removed completely my going to add remove programs and remove it

Omer Mushahwar :

Go to Control Panel\Programs and Features\Turn Windows features on or off. Uncheck Internet Explorer 8, click OK and reboot. You will be not have Internet Explorer installed then. Go to Windows features again and check Internet Explorer 8, reboot. Now you will have Internet Explorer installed again.

Omer Mushahwar :

You may need your windows 7 disc for this but you should have IE 8 completely reinstalled after its done

Customer :

I couldn't find the setting to Uncheck Windows Explorer 8. However I was able to go to Installed Updates. Once there I deleted the update, and voila! when Windows restarted it worked. Although I didn't follow your advice, had you not told me I wouldn't have known to go into Control Panel (I am totally not a PC guy) so thanks for your help.

Omer Mushahwar and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Omer Mushahwar replied 6 years ago.
glad i could help