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I am trying to transfer pics from iPhoto to iTunes. I am constant

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I am trying to transfer pics from iPhoto to iTunes. I am constantly getting error message OSStatusError 9459, which I never experienced before. What is the problem? Please advise a.s.a.p. Thanks, Vivian
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Steve :

Hello, I may be able to help you with this issue but I need some information first.

Which version of iPhoto?
And have you tried quitting out of iPhoto, restarting the computer completely, then trying the export again?

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Version of iPhoto is 8.1.2. I have rebooted, itdidn't help.
So, in the future you shouldn't accept and pay JustAnswer until your issue is resolved or you think that the expert has done everything possible to resolve an unfixable one...

Your issue may have to do with your version of QuickTime. It may need to be updated. QuickTime is the system software that creates the movie from iPhoto.

On a quiet system, you should run the Software Update program and see if QuickTime shows up as a needed update. Here is my blog post about system updates:

Even if the Software Update program doesn't show QuickTime as needing updating, I would recommend downloading it and running the installer.

Let me know how that goes and meanwhile I'll research the error number you are getting.
Here's some info I found on that particular error code:

I've been getting the same OSStatus error -9459. Rebuilding the iPhoto library didn't help me, neither did setting the computer sleep time to Never in Energy Saver.

What did work was setting the DISPLAY sleep time to never! I consistently found that if I turned off the display by using a hot corner or if the display timed out through the Energy Saver setting, the slidshow export failed. Didn't matter if the slideshow was on its way to iDVD or the desktop.

Check your system and see if the display is going to sleep in the middle of the export.

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