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I own a macbook os 10.4.11 I lost my wireless router in a

Resolved Question:

I own a macbook os 10.4.11 I lost my wireless router in a power surge, and had it replaced, under warranty. With the new router Belkin f5d8236-4 v3000 my laptop will connect to websites in my memory bar (it seems the only ones that I have cookies for) when I try to go to any new websites, say I google something, I'll get search results, but when I try to connect to any website among the search results the computer loads incredibly slowly, or generates a message that the browser in unable to find the server.

Can there be some problem with my wireless network card (if there is such a thing in a mac. all other computers in the house (1 other macbook, a dell pc and a windows 7 laptop) connect faster with the replacement router. My ethernet connection works fine. what gives??? anyhelp for this?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Jono replied 6 years ago.
Every MacBook comes equipped with a wireless card which Apple calls an "airport card". It is possible to have issues with the card, although it is more rare than others. My suggestion is to take your laptop to another location which has wireless internet and try it there. For example, a coffee shop or library. If you experience the same issue, than it is likely that it is the laptop and the laptop will need to be repaired by a certified Apple technician. If you do not experience the same issue in the new location, than I would think there is some sort of pairing issue between the router and the laptop. Apple laptops should be compatible with all routers, so that would be strange.

Apple covers its Airport cards under both the regular and extended warranties. However, if the warranty is expired they can be a bit pricey to fix.

All the best!
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I guess i was tired and perhaps expected too much. it had already occurred to me to do this. The only reason I had not was the that I'd been trying to resolve this all day and given that it was after midnight, I was about to go to sleep. I am confident that my connection elsewhere will be fine. I had thought that getting another router would very likely resolve the issue. I will accept your answer, though I hoped there was some technical maneuver that might be applied to correct the issue.

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