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I have a Mac desktop, OS 10.5.8. Starting a few days ago,

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I have a Mac desktop, OS 10.5.8. Starting a few days ago, my mail program started giving me the prompt: "cannot send message using the server: The sender's address "[email protected] was rejected by the server.". my wife's email account, identical settings, works fine. I've spent well over an hour getting tech support from my ISP. They are stumped.
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Occasionally, Mac Mail will stop communicating with email providers. You'll need to completely delete and recreate the account in Mac Mail. Changing the settings isn't enough to reset it.

It sounds like you're well aware of the settings, so simply delete it, and set it up again as a new account with the same information as you were told to use.

That should do it. If what I recommended doesn't help, or if you have additional questions, please let me know and we can continue troubleshooting.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks; I cannot afford to lose all the saved emails and address book. How do I save my emails and address. Not sure how I delete Mac Mail, either.
1. You won't lose your contacts, regardless. They're stored in a seperate location.

2. To backup your emails, create a new folder in Mac Mail, and drag your messages into it. You can create a folder, for each email folder you need to backup (e.g. Inbox Backup for Inbox, Sent Backup for Sent, etc.). That way, when you recreate the account, you'll simply drag the messages back into their proper location.

3. You won't be deleting Mac Mail, just your email account that's setup inside it. Open the Mail Preferences, where you change your account information, select your account, and click the small - symbol in the lower left corner.

That will delete the account. Click the small + button to recreate it.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hey, I followed your instructions exactly and I still have the same problem.
If you're sure that you followed the steps described here, to the letter, when setting the account up again, then lets try another direction.

With Mail closed, navigate to your User folder->Library->Preferences, and move the file to your desktop. Then, restart the computer while holding the Shift key, and try Mail again.

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