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VIRUS QUESTION OS X 10.5.8 Power PC. 2GHz dual processor. t

Resolved Question:

VIRUS QUESTION: OS X 10.5.8 Power PC. 2GHz dual processor. two 1.5TB hard drives (non raid) my computer was starting to have all kinds of trouble, locking up, not being able to boot up, etc. ran Disk Warrior, it helped. but still running bad. ran NortonAntiVirus11 virusscan. found nothing.

I was using the second disc as a scratch disc& for backing up a few files. I ended up making my second disc my primary start-up disc and updated OS, reinstalled my fav programs and started to copy stuff from the other hard drive. as I was doing this, Norton found 2 trojan viruses & quarantined them. I told it to delete them. I transfered the rest of my docs, music & videos from that drive to my current primary. virus scanned current primary afterwards & it reported no problems.

should I wipe the other drive clean and reinstall the OS software on it or will my current start up drive be infected eventually if I just delete alot off of the other drive without doing an erase? what would you do in this situation?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Pat replied 7 years ago.
Sounds like you handled the situation the same way I would. Norton seems to have identified the Trojans and hopefully you got it all. You've got antivirus software, and as long as you are making regular backups of your system, then you are doing all you need to do to keep your data safe.

As for wiping your old drive, this would be an extra precaution but probably uncalled for. Just make sure you deleted the system files from that old drive so that you don't accidentally boot the system on the infected drive.

Also, Be wary of any files that you open that request you enter your administrator password XXXXX this is a sign that the program is trying to make modifications to your system. Its also unlikely that the Trojan infected every file on every DVD you ever burned, but there may be some infected files starting about the time that your system started behaving strangely. I'd probably take the extra precaution of running a virus scan on those DVDs if you go back to them to pull some data off.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank You Pat. I think that I will wipe that other drive, that way I will know that I'm on the actual good drive when I'm doing stuff.. Norton does scan the DVDs and CDs that I put in the optical drive before I can run the programs, which is a good thing. hopefully that will KILL any infection so it doesn't migrate to the new primary drive. Thanks for giving me peace of mind in this matter. I guess that once I wipe it and reinstall system software on it, it should be fine, right?

Expert:  Pat replied 7 years ago.
Yes, however, DVDs are "write once" media, so Norton can't actually delete an infected file from the DVD. However, it will alert you that a file is infected and you can copy the other files to a new DVD and destroy the infected one. Once you wipe it and reinstall the system software it will be fine, just make sure you repartition the drive during the install so that it forces the computer to forget any data that was on there before and start over.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank You Pat, i will do that. Have a great evening.