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I have an iPhone 3G since it first came out, and I love it

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I have an iPhone 3G since it first came out, and I love it except that I get so many dropped calls. Is there any explanation other than poor coverage by AT&T? I have a problem with the phone signal indicator going form 4-5 bars to zero in a matter of seconds and back again without any physical change in position in my house. I can leave it on the kitchen counter and watch it do this. I can walk out of the house in to the backyard, and the problem persists. It is intermittent, but it happens frequently. I did reset the phone and got the latest firmware from 6 months ago at the advice of the AT&T rep I spoke with. She implied that it sounds like the phone is hunting for a signal between towers. I have no reason to suspect interference in the signal. She said that I might be eligible for an upgrade in phones. Is there anything you can tell me? I'm reading in my local paper that ATT is working on coverage issues. I'm a physician and I'm losing calls from the hospital-FRUSTRATED

It is ATT and it is their crap signals in fringe areas. I know, My house is in a fringe area and I see this all the time. In fact it just happened to me with 2 calls from my friend in Costa Rica. Both calls dropped and in a matter of seconds I went from full to none to full and then to no service and back again.

Going to Verizon may get you better signal and coverage, but they are quite restrictive with their phones and how they are used. ATT is much more open even though their network sucks.

I know you probably see no issues where their is a great signal, I know I don't… works very well and 3G data is very quick, but when in fringe areas, in buildings without micro/femtocells, you see a dramatic decrease in signal.

I can't recommend which way to go here, your call, but I personally will not go to Verizon, even after the iPhone is released on their network, unless they sell it exactly like it is now on ATT with no stupid Vcast or other restrictions placed on my use.

Hope this helps,
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