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iphone unlock question

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iphone unlock question. I have a very old iphone )maybe 1st gen) that I have used on tmobile for years. I have never upgraded it so can't use all the apps but was afraid it would relock. I bought it from apple and had someone ekse unlock it but understand that you can't now buy them from apple without using att service. Should i buy either a 3g or 3gs on ebay or something that says it is unlocked? Is that all there is to it? If tmobile can't use the 3gs, is there any reason to pay extra fpr it rather than just the 3g?

As far as I know, all iPhones can be unlocked and they all work on the networks that are the same as ATT, which includes TMobile and others around the world.

Buying one unlocked would be easier on you, but I would get one locked and learn how and then be in a better position to understand what it did and how to fix/reverse it if needed.

Your call, but it can be done with any gen iPhone now.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok but I can't buy it from apple, right?
is it easy for me to unlock either with you or with a purchased instruction?
what about the 3gs vs the 3g- do I not get the benefit with tmobile?

It is very easy to unlock phones now. There are apps out there that make it into a one-click operation and just as easy to reverse.

You cannot buy unlocked phones in the US legally. Not yet. Best bet is someone you trust that will not sell you a piece of crap that is unlocked.

Not sure about TMobile services, but I think (my opinion) you only lose the Visual VoiceMail feature.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
but what about buying a locked one - I can't do that from apple, right? If I am not going to activate with AT&T?
Oh, yes. Locked phones are available from ATT I think.

Without a contract though, it will run into the upper hundreds, like 699.00 or something like that.

Pretty sure you can do that (not from Apple, you are correct there).

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