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first of all i had backed up my macintosh hd with the program

Customer Question

first of all i had backed up my "macintosh hd" with the program SuperDuper! to a drive. then i loaded these cds witch i thought was leopard but instead i install tiger and i was 10.4.11 but now i am 10.4.9 what do i do my job is on the line!!!!!!!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 7 years ago.
Hello, and thank you for asking your question,
I am Sr. Mac Tech Support Specialist, TD, glad to assist you.

Could you provide me with the following information, so I can better assist you with your technical question:

• Could you specify what you are trying to do? Are you seeking to find out how to upgrade back to Mac OS X 10.5, retrieve your backed up files, etc)

Your answers to the questions I have submitted, will allow me to work with more detailed information, in order to effectively answer your question.

Thanks, ***** ***** be looking forward to your reply. Thank you!


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
well when i backed it up with super duper it put in a mess on my hard drive all over with programs and such so. i need to back it up complete ly back to the way it was the upgrade to leopard was nothing i need to do i can do that way later.
Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your reply.

Because I do not have a copy of SuperDuper! available for me to access, I am going to be relying alot on what you see, so I can help you navigate this issue and get your files straight. So when you speak of making a mess on your hard drive, did "scatter" the applications, files and folders from your back up, all over the Macintosh HD?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it scattered every thing
Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the reply Linda.

Ok here is what I suggest first take all of the Application icons you see, then click on the Finder icon on your Dock.

• This will open a Finder window detailing your current Home folder.
• Select Applications folder to open and now begin to drag and drop all application
or program icons you see within your Macintosh hard drive.

I am going to have you going through processes step by step, so I can make sure all of your applications, files and folders can be placed in locations on your Mac OS volume for easy locating.

Once you are comfortable that you have moved all of your application icons safely in the Applications folder, then I need you to reply back to this post and I will
help you gather, organize and properly distribute your other files and folders.

Thanks, ***** ***** await your update.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
there is a folder in my drive says application can i just drag and drop that
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
also i have an early meeting can i do this let say 8:30 il will be pay you once everything has been finish but also you can contact me @***@******.*** thank you again for help i cant even get into keychain acsess for my internet so i found a way to internet tether for my iphone
Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 7 years ago.
Hi Linda, and thanks for the update.

No need to worry about accepting anything yet until I can help you resolve this issue.
Payment is the furthest thing from my mind at this time. Let's get your files, and

Due to the way functions, we cannot make phone calls, we can only use the email and chat mediums available to assist you.

In regards ***** ***** Applications folder you see on the hard drive, remember, just the applications need to be dragged into that folder.

Finally, considering you have to table this until tomorrow, just reply back to this post and I will be glad to continue assisting you.

Thanks for your patience!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i'm back but heres the deal my computer has my application already in the application folder but there shaky quit unexpectedly and no files staring like its new im just starting to put my apps on my finder but do i delete the duplicates even my safari is shaky quiting
Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the update Linda.

As long as you have the originals, you can remove the duplicate files, folders and applications to the Trash.

However, DON'T delete the Trash until all applications, files and folders that you need and/or aware of, are where they need to be and functioning.

I also have some more steps for you to work on, in an effort to get this issue resolved for you.

For repairing Safari:

• From your desktop,
•Click anywhere on a blank space on your desktop. Now you should see Finder listed near the Apple menu icon.

• From the Finder menu, click on Go, then Home from the
drop-down menu. This will take you to your Home folder.

• Locate and open the Library folder

• Within Library folder look for the Preferences folder and open it.

• Locate and remove to the Trash, these files:


Once you have completed this, click the back arrow located in the upper left corner of the window you are in. This will return you back to the Library folder.

• From within the Library folder, select the folder entitled "Caches" and remove it to the Trash as well.

* Close all windows now and once you have cleared all duplicates off your Macintosh hard drive, perform this simple procedure (below) to repair all permissions for your applications, files and folders:


Go to Finder Menu bar
• Click Go > Utilities > Disk Utility and open up Disk Utility app.
• Click on Macintosh HD volume (or on the name you have changed
this volume to.)
• Select "Repair Disk Permissions"
**Let Disk Utilities run this repair permissions until completion.

( This is not often a necessary step, but in the many of the hands-on software and Mac OS X troubleshooting I have done on Macs, I almost always run it just because it does repair alot of the permissions on files which can sometimes affect how certain applications, files and folders work. It also improves your Mac's performance a bit too:)

Once this process is completed and there are no errors in red at the completion of the process (if there are, re-run Repair Disk Permissions just once more), close this utility.

* Now navigate around your Mac, checking applications as well as Safari's functionality.

Update me when you have a chance so I can get an idea how your system is

Thanks again for hanging in there with me Linda, while I am assisting you on this issue.