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I have a canon HF100 (uses SDHC cards) and for some reason

Customer Question

I have a canon HF100 (uses SDHC cards) and for some reason all the files are saved as .CPI files which iMovie wont import, how do i fix this?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Bob Cook replied 8 years ago.
You will need to convert the .cpi file to .mov (Quicktime) files.
Here is a link to programs that will do that.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i have tried using similar software however it will not let me select the cpi files themselves to convert, any way around this?
Expert:  Bob Cook replied 8 years ago.
The software you use has to be able to read CPI files before they can be converted. Not all video conversion programs will do that.

I have had good experiences with Handbrake;
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
handbrake also does not seem to be working

error line reads:
[22:45:16] macgui: trying to open video_ts folder (parent directory chosen)
[22:45:16] hb_scan: path=/Users/CHsieh/Desktop/film/00000.CPI, title_index=0
[22:45:16] scan: trying to open with libdvdread
[22:45:16] dvd: not a dvd - trying as a stream/file instead
[22:45:16] hb_stream_open: open /Users/CHsieh/Desktop/film/00001.CPI failed
[22:45:16] scan: unrecognized file type
[22:45:16] libhb: scan thread found 0 valid title(s)
[22:45:16] macgui: ScanDone state received from fHandle

any thoughts?
Expert:  Bob Cook replied 8 years ago.
Does your camera produce any other files besides the 00001.cpi file? I'm thinking that is not the file with all the movie data.

Here is a new program to try. This one is not free but they let you try it before you buy it ($39.00);
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

it produces small .exe files as well that cover the thumbnails for the camera.


i tried that program but again i'm recieving unrecognized file names. it is a unix .exe file btw. also they may be a corruption on the SDHC card but i'm not sure

Expert:  Bob Cook replied 8 years ago.
PC applications end in .exe.

If you can get the file on your Mac, I'd try the Voltaic program to see if you can convert it.