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Ive recently upgrade to an iMac. Im having problems with

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I've recently upgrade to an iMac. I'm having problems with attachments in MacMail. Most file types don't show up in the receipient's email. I've checked all my MacMail preferences and can't see where to change anything. Getting tired of having to FTP files to my clients. HELP!
Hello, and thank for seeking technical assistance for your Mac .I am Sr. Mac Support Specialist, TD at your service.

Here are some steps you can try:

• Take one of your image or pdf files and right click on that file.
• Now select "Get Info"
• Go to "Name and Extension" section and make sure pointer arrow is pointing down
• Make sure your file name has an extension with it
• Also make sure to uncheck the "Hide extension"
• Now under "Open with" make sure to select
• "Preview" and change all for image files
• "Adobe" or Preview for .pdf files
• "Microsoft Word for Mac 2004, 2008 or Text edit, if you do not have any Microsoft apps on your Mac.

** For each of these click "Change all" for just one of the files you perform the steps above with.

This will insure all files of like kind will open the same way and
this will allow recipients of PCs receiving your emails to access the files with no issue.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply back to me. Thanks


Thanks, I await your response.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

See comments after your instructions.
One of the PDF files I tried emailing was set-up as you specified in "Get Info".
• Make sure your file name has an extension with it -- YES
• Also make sure to uncheck the "Hide extension" -- YES
• Now under "Open with" make sure to select -- set to Acrobat 6.1.2. Professional
• "Preview" and change all for image files -- Preview looks fine. I can't see where I "change all".
• "Adobe" or Preview for .pdf files -- don't understand what you mean
• "Microsoft Word for Mac 2004, 2008 or Text edit, if you do not have any Microsoft apps on your Mac. -- I DO have Microsoft Word on my computer.
** For each of these click "Change all" for just one of the files you perform the steps above with. -- There were no changes made. Nothing is different, so how will this change how email attachments are received.

Need more help pleez.
No worries and thanks for being so comprehensive in your explanation.

What the objective was, with my prior instructions was in essence, to set the Image (.jpg). PDFs and Word documents (.doc) of at least one of each of the types of files your have described that you use when sending attachments to your colleagues who have PCs.

When I noted " • "Adobe" or Preview for .pdf files " what I was trying to point out was if you used either of these apps any image files set to one of these applications will work for two reasons:
1. Allowing you send a functional file that you can view with no issued
2. Can be opened by the recipients (PC Users) of your attachments
due to the range of extensions both Adobe and Preview work with from your Mac.

I noted "Microsoft Word for Mac 2004, 2008 or Text edit, if you do not have any Microsoft apps on your Mac.", -Only because Text Edit in your Mac, works with the.rtf extension (Rich text format) which can open as a Rich Text document on PCs as well as Macs (Sorry I did miss that you noted Word toward the end of your initial question)

As far as no changes, you won't know how they work until you actually email more attachments of the aforementioned file types, to a PC user.

If necessary I would be glad to volunteer to see if the files you have adjusted in "Get Info" settings do work in an email of a PC User.
I have several PCs as well as numerous Macs, so I can check one of your attachments through my own email if, you are ok with this and of course the files ok for you to test with. I have a general test email I use for cases just like this:[email protected]

If you have already sent some of your attachments to other PC users within your circle. Please feel free to let me know the outcome.

In the meantime, am still here to assist you to resolution, of this issue. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX your feedback.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Sorry for the few weeks delay. I thought I had the problem solved, but another client said today they didn't see (& therefore couldn't download) a JPG attachment.

I'd like to take you up on the offer to email you some test files of different file formats.

I'll email to [email protected] email. Thanks!

Hello again Marion, glad to be assisting you once again.

Sure I would be glad to have you send me some of those particular files
that other colleagues of yours are having an issue opening.

Here is what you do.

• Click on the link below.
• All you will need to do when you get to this page is click the Browse button at the
bottom of the page.

This will allow you to select the files from your desktop
(or location where you keep your .pdfs and jpgs) you want to place in the file
sharing folder I have set up.

• Once they are uploaded into this folder, you will see each file by its filename
appear in the window. This will let you know you have successfully uploaded
the file.

• When you are done adding the files you want me to review, just reply back to this post and I will take look and find out what is preventing PC Users who you send emails to, from opening the .pdf and .jpg files as attachment in question.

File Extension Fix Project

If you run into any challenges, in this process, just let me know.
I will reply back soon after. Thanks!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi TD,

I uploaded 3 file types: JPG, PDF, .doc.
Let me know if they come in as attachments & if you can download them from an email.

(I also emailed you from my personal email account yesterday.)


Hi Marion, thanks this is great.

I will be testing from my mac to my PC and I will let you know what my findings are. Thanks for your patience and willingness to allow me to do this for you.

It is my hope my findings will solve this mystery for you:)

I will update you what I find. Thanks!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

When you have a chance, let me know if they came through on your end okay. I think it's fixed (did a test to my husband's PC) but wanted to make sure they'll work on other PC too.

Hi Marion,

Sorry it took so long. I was offline a little longer than I anticipated today

However, the results are in.
I sent emails with all 3 of the files you provided and sent them as attachements
to one of my gmail, yahoo and MSN email accounts, respectively.

I then opened and tested all 3 emails by downloading and opening each of the 3 attachments on my Toshiba laptop, with Windows Vista operating system.

Out of 3 email accounts and 3 each of your files (9 total files) only 1 failed and that was initially, the Word document (.doc) which I attempted to download via my yahoo account.

But here's the clincher. The document came up in gibberish only because after it was downloaded, Vista attempted to open the file with Notepad.

Notepad in Vista or XP does not work well with docs from the Microsoft Office for Mac Word application. So I simply downloaded the document again in the Firefox downloads window (Main web browser used) and made sure it would be opened by my Microsoft Word 2003 program. The file then opened like a charm!

After that, the document opened from the other emails with no further issues.
What this allow me to determine, is that just possibly, some of the recipients who are receiving your emails + attachments on their PCs, may not be opening these respective files with the correct programs.

If you want to test this theory with one of your family, friends or colleagues who have a PC, that is definitely an option to try. But the proof is in the pudding.

The link below, will take you back to the Tech share file link I originally provided you, but this time, as proof I was using a PC, I took screenshots of each of the files you sent me with Windows Vista desktop and its system tray (at bottom of the screen) in the background as proof. I have also deleted all of the files you have sent for respect of your data being used for testing purposes only.

Results of Mac to PC Email Test (for .pdf, .jpg, .doc)

So there you have it Marion. I hope this has helped, I thank you for trusting me and being patient with me so I could work on this "little project" for you.

If you have further questions on this issue, please feel free to reply back to post as you have. Thanks!

Best Regards,

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