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How can I instal MacOSX 10.4 onto a SCSI blue & white G3 mach

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How can I instal MacOSX 10.4 onto a SCSI blue & white G3 machine with no DVD drive. (I don't have enough space left on disc to copy the DVD from an external DVD drive.)
Hi,Customer Your B&W G3, although it has firewire ports, cannot boot in Target mode-- only later models can. That would have been the easiest way to do what you want to do. But there are ways to get to get the install done.
You'll need to make lots of room on the hard drive available (4 gigs) before you can do anything.
Also, if you don't have 10.3.9 on the machine already, you need the full install Tiger DVD, not just the upgrade.

Easiest: Buy the Tiger System Install on CDs-- Apple used to have an exchange--- for $9 you could send them the DVD you bought and they would send you CDs-- but I was unabe to find a working link for that. Tiger on CD is available-- do a Google search.

Second Easiest:
Borrow an external firewire DVD drive, and install from it, holding the C key on restart with disk already in the external.

Third easiest:
Take the drive out, install it in a better machine (one with a DVD drive), and do the install from the better machine onto the old drive, then put the drive back in the B&W.

Take your drive out, put it in an external firewire hard drive case you purchase, do the install, then put the drive back inside the B&W.

I know this wasn't what you were hoping for-- sorry. I recently did this for a client, and for me, the using a better machine option was easiest and quickest... I put the drive from the B&W in a G4 tower, restarted with the DVD in the drive, and did the install. Removed the drive, put it back in the b&W, and all was good.

Let me know what you think of these ideas.....
Sorry-- I just saw you have a B&W that did not come with Apple's Firewire port-- it has a third party card. So that kills my second and fourth choices..........

So, CDs or use another machine.........?
Here is link to Apple PDF form for exchanging media-- it has expired, but there is a phone number to call.... may be worth a shot...... or check eBay.....

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for that. You've given me lots to go on.
I have the machine's own firewire outlet as well as the card, so I'll try 2nd option plus I'll see if I can dig out CD versions off the internet.
As far as I know it is the full version of Tiger.

If I get stuck I may get back tomorrow. Gotta sign off.
Again many thanks.
You should certainly try the built-in firewire.... good luck!

Please click accept if we're done.........


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