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Hi, when I launch Safari on my other laptop, my (APPLE) homepage

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Hi, when I launch Safari on my other laptop, my (APPLE) homepage is displayed. I am able to click on the site and move about; however, when I attempt to leave my homepage by typing in any new website URL, it immediately shuts down. Is there any easy fix for this? Thanks.
What Operating system are you on?

You should start by making sure you are running the latest version of your software, by clicking on the apple menu and selecting software update. Run everything. Do a restart and run again until you have no updates left.

If problem persists, go to Utilities folder (inside applications folder), and run disk utility. Do a permissions repair on your hard drive.

If you are still struggling let me know, and we can escalate to a bigger solution.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you. I tried a software update (didn't need updating) and I tried a permissions repair, via the utilities folder. I then restarted the folder and tried safari again...unfortunately, the problem has not been resolved.

As soon as Safari closes out, I get a msg that says "The application Safari quit unexpectedly (bold font). Mac OS X and other applications are not affected."

I am running Mac OS X (version 10.4.11)

Any other suggestions?
What version of Safari?

You can try re-downloading and reinstalling safari from the apple webpage also.

As a secondary solution, you should also download and install firefox, so that you always have an alternate browser if you need one.

One more question though, is it always the same page you are trying to type in? Does it also crash if you click on a bookmark?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi again,

Safari version 3.1.2. It doesn't matter which webpage I type in (or if I click on a bookmark)...safari automatically shuts down and the msg noted above appears. This just started within the past week and I am wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that my son borrows my laptop to go on various video game websites....

I tried re-downloading via the apple webpage and still no luck. I'd prefer not to install firefox as I'd rather use Safari, if possible.

Any other ideas? Sorry for the back and forth on this


Do you have your installation disks?

We may need to do a reinstall to fix this.

When you first open safari, try to do a rest. It's under the Safari menu. It will delete the history, the cache, and other files that might have gotten corrupted.

The other option involves throwing away your safari folder in your preferences folder, to fully reset safari, but then you might lose bookmarks, and all history and preferences.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes, I still have the installation disks. We have two laptops - a MacBook and a MacBook Pro. I have the installation disks for both and my laptop (the smaller, white one) is the one having the problems. Of course I have no idea if my laptop is the MacBook or the MacBook Pro.

Anyway, I tried restarting safari (under safari window) and this deleted all cache, memory, etc. I then restarted my computer and still no luck.

How would I throw away the safari folder in the preferences folder? Where is that located? I went to Systems Preferences and could not find safari.

Your white one is a MacBook. The larger silver one is the MacBook Pro.

To find the Safari folder, open your hard drive. On the left hand side you should see a picture of a house. Click there, then open up the library folder, and the preferences folder inside there. From there, you can delete both the Safari folder, and the file called

Restart the computer, and try Safari again.

If that doesn't work, you should use your install disks. Put it in and restart the computer while holding down the C button. When it comes up, on one of the first screens, click the option button and select an archive and reinstall. Click the box that saves your user data. When you finish the reinstall, and your computer is back up, download all available updates (from the apple menu, software update), and then run disk utility again, and then you should be able to run Safari.
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