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How can I keep Entourage fully synchronised on my two Macs

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I have an iBook G4 (version 10.4.11) which I have used for 3 years. Now I have bought a new iMac 24 (version 10.5.4) as well. I intend to use both machines equally (sometimes I work in y home office, others from the sofa or away from home).

Over the last 3 years I have accrued a good amount of information on Entourage 2004, laboriously organized in categories, projects and folders in Messages, Address Book, Tasks and Project Centre. I have passed this to my new iMac successfully using Migration Assistant.

I need a system to keep Entourage synchronized in both computers. I have tried the Import/Export function but it does not work (I go through the whole process but in the end nothing happens). I considered MobileMe but the iBook is not Leopard-run and has not enough space to install it.

So I though I would just keep Entourage to my laptop and access it from the desktop when necessary, so I would work only on ONE entourage and no sync would be needed. But &

When I am at home, both computers are in network, so I can access each other, and can edit documents on one computer from the other. However, this does not seem to work with Entourage.

If I access my iBook from my iMac and open my iBook_s Entourage application, I only see the items present at migration time plus the new incoming messages. I do not see any changes made in my iBook since migration. And if I add, for instance, New Tasks in this circumstances, I will only be able to see them if I access my iBook from my iMac, but not if I open Entourage directly on my iBook!

So, even if I use only one Entourage (the one stored in my iBook), whatever changes I make from one computer is not visible from the other.

How can I get the two computers synchronised?
Hi. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll try to help you.

Microsoft Entourage stores its email in a database. To get that database from one Mac to another, running the same version of Entourage, you need to copy the 'Microsoft User Data Folder'.

See this link for more on this procedure:

This will copy over all email, notes, calendar, etc... to the new Mac. You will replace the existing folder in the destination. Keep in mind this will cause a loss of current emails in the new Mac and will only copy over what is on the laptop as of now. You could turn on online access and resend the emails to yourself and then move the folder over. Then retrieve the emails from your online account. This will keep you as current as possible.

This however is not any help to you if you want to sync these two Macs. Entourage does not sync email and no sync program I know of can do that.

You can use .Mac or MobileMe as it is called now. Entourage 2004 and 2008 both utilize Sync Services, built into Mac Os X. Between that and using IMAP instead of POP for your email access could get you pretty close.

If this helps, please let me know and use the ACCEPT button to close this question.

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