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AirPort, OSX.4 hijacked

Customer Question

An issue has just come up I am hoping someone can help with. Daughter just arrived in New York Thursday, starting work on Monday. Apartment was prearranged (she is now beginning to furnish it) and before she left home (Ireland) she ordered Broadband but this won''t be set up for a week.

So, as you do, she fired up Airport looking for a WiFi connection that didn''t need a password XXXXX the few days until her own is set up. She seems to have got more that she bargained for . . a connection called "I''m watching you" which now she can''t get out of. Every time she starts up Airport it defaults to this connection.

I talked her through the suggestions at Apple at the following but no joy:

Any suggestions would be appreciated, this might appear mildly amusing but put yourself in her place (and mine the other side of the Atlantic) and you''ll realise it isn''t.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Claws224 replied 8 years ago.


What OS version is she running?

What happened when you tried to remove the unwanted profile from the machine?

Let us know


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I had given up on JustAnswer and was about to ask for a refund. When I went to the site I discovered you had replied and when I checked my junk mail your reply was sat in there also :)

OS 10.4, I had this as OSX.4 in the header but that wasn't too obvious.

In the meantime my daughter got here Internet connection set up and once it was she was then able to drop the other connections. So, problem solved.

It wasn't your fault that I didn't check my junk mail so if you want to put some kind of message into JustAnswer I will OK it so that you can extract the "deposit" I paid :)



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