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TO Lani_S 7.-Essay: Argument. (573424) For this assignment,

Customer Question

TO Lani_S
7.-Essay: Argument. (573424)
For this assignment, you’ll write a 1,600–1,800 word argument essay that incorporates secondary sources to support your claim about an assigned topic.
Assignment Objectives.
■ Use prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing to write formal, college-level essays
■ Distinguish between different patterns of development
■ Apply an appropriate pattern of development to a specific purpose and audience
■ Write effective thesis statements
■ Develop paragraphs using topic sentences, adequate detail, supporting evidence, and transitions
■ Employ responsible research methods to locate appropriate secondary sources
■ Quote, paraphrase, and summarize secondary source material correctly and appropriately
■ Use Modern Language Association citation and documentation style to reference secondary source material correctly and appropriately
■ Apply the conventions of standard written American English to produce correct, well-written essays
Choose one of the following:
■ Persuade your audience that the use of alternative energy is beneficial and economical, or that the use of alternative energy is expensive and as detrimental as traditional energy sources
■ Persuade your audience that social media provides a valuable outlet for free expression, or that social media allows users to insult, bully, and threaten others without any fear of punishment.
The purpose is twofold:
■ Persuade the reader to agree with the writer’s position (primary purpose)
■ Express the writer’s feelings about the reader taking action on the topic (secondary purpose)
Your audience is made up of your fellow Penn Foster classmates. Many will agree with you, while others will disagree. You must take a position, present evidence to support it, and try to convince your audience through the strength of your argument to agree with you and to take action.
Submitted: 12 days ago.
Category: Long Paper (3+ pages)
Expert:  lani_s replied 11 days ago.

Which topic have you chosen?

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
this came from #4
4.-Prewriting: Classification and division. (573421)
You will choose one of the following topic areas. Review the graphic organizer on page 407 in your textbook. The graphic organizer that you create doesn’t need to have boxed outlines or arrows, but it should show your organization.
Choose one of the following topics, and divide it into classes.
■ Sports—general, types of fans, or influence on culture
■ Genres of movies, television shows, or video games
■ Social media or networking sites and applications
■ Places you’ve lived, visited, or vacationed As an example, the following is a graphic organizer for the topic “Types of Food.”

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