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LexusPro, ASE Master Certified
Category: Lexus
Satisfied Customers: 1302
Experience:  Lexus Master Certified, 11 yrs w/ Lexus Dealership, Elite of Lexus 2000-2011, 17yrs Auto Industry
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Lexus LS430 I have a 2001 Lexus LS430. The VSC (Vehicle Stability

Customer Question

I have a 2001 Lexus LS430. The VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), VSC OFF light is on. Also, the Warning Light is flashing but Check Engine Light is off. Any ideas?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Lexus
Expert:  LexusPro replied 6 years ago.

LexusPro : Hello and welcome to JustAnswer! I'm reviewing your question and will be with you in just a second.
LexusPro : You most likely have a sensor that has malfuctioned. Most auto part stores will check it for codes for free. When you get the codes I can give you a better idea of what to check next.
JACUSTOMER-dcijn3dt- :

Thanks. I'll check with AutoZone. Thanks

LexusPro :

Let me know what you find. If I had to guess I would say a bad wheel speed sensor.

JACUSTOMER-dcijn3dt- :

I will let you know what the code is. Thanks.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Thanks for your help. The VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), light now operates with the switch as normal. The technician at AutoZone told me to give the MAF Sensor time to reset. So I...

1. Let the car run for approximately 20 minutes then turned the engine off.

2. Turned the ignition switch to auxiliary and plugged up the Code Reader.

3. Erased the existing codes.

4. No codes remain.

5. Car operates PERFECTLY NOW!


Thank you for your help. So I guess to end the session, I must state that , "I do not accept the Answer"?? thank you.



Expert:  LexusPro replied 6 years ago.
Glad to hear you got it worked out. Glad to see my answer was helpful.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


I've noticed that there is still a request to "Accept Answer". Thank you for your guess of "Wheel Speed Sensor" but the "Mass Air Flow Sensor" was the solution. The missing step was to let the MAF "Reset" or "Sync" with the automobile. After an idle of 20 minutes the car's idle returned to normal and the rough running ended. If there is a requirement for you to release the $18.00 please do so. Thank you for your communication. I hope to communicate with you in the future.


Expert:  LexusPro replied 6 years ago.
I will send your request to site staff. All that had to be done after replacing the sensor was to clear the codes(what you would do after replacing any sensor). I have never heard of a "sync" or a reset other than clearing the stored codes. If you have any other questions at any time feel free to ask. I will be glad to help.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
<p>LEX PRO,</p><p> 1.  The Discrepancy is back.</p><p>2.  VSC OFF light is on causing the Waring lignt (triangle red light) to appear on my dash.</p><p>3.  there are no codes on my code reader.</p><p>4.  Can you point me in the right direction?</p><p>Thanks</p><p>JC </p>
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Lexus Pro,

My original Discrepancy is back. (From Saturday, January 22, 2011 5:11 PM EST)

1. I have a 2001 Lexus LS430. The VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), VSC OFF light is on. Also, the Warning Light is flashing but Check Engine Light is off. Any ideas?

Country: United States
Make: Lexus
Model: LS430
Year: 2001
Engine: 8 cyl
Already Tried:
1. Mass Air Flow Sensor 2. Air Filter

Expert:  LexusPro replied 5 years ago.
Have you had it rechecked for codes?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


There are NO CODES.


Expert:  LexusPro replied 5 years ago.
If the light is on there are stored codes. Many aftermaket scan tools will not read body or chassis codes. You will need to have it properly checked. When you get the codes we can move forward with diagnosis.