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I had a roommate for 15 years who was EXTREMELY abusive; he

Customer Question

I had a roommate for 15 years who was EXTREMELY abusive; he lived upstairs and me downstairs (we live in the State of Montana). He is an alcoholic and raised & smoked marijuana and who knows what else. I was terrified of him! He also abused my dogs.
He was FINALLY arrested on 8/3/15 when my neighbor called and asked "What in the HELL is going on?!!" She could hear him trying to break down my bedroom door! She said hangup and call 911!!!!! I did. He was arrested for DUI, Felon with Weapons, Family Member Assault and resisting arrest.
Since his arrest I retained legal council who has basically been totally ineffective, while my ex-roommate retained a "steam roller" attorney. I have lived in fear for my life, and my animals lives, all this time. Now, because of my attorneys ineffectiveness, and the fact that my ex knows I have lost my dear Mom & Dad in the past year (inheritance), my ex, with his attys help are telling me I have to pay him $75,000 grand in a few days.
I have not received any inheritance as of yet, and my Mom & Dad would roll over in their graves if they knew he was getting ANYTHING!! I have struggles to try and scrape up the money and have contemplated suicide, and have felt several times I was having a heart attack. I am nearly 69 and worked all my life (38 years) for my little farm.
My ex rarely worked and has been to prison. I live in fear of him killing me or my animals and did not even feel safe leaving my farm when my Mom was dying. NOW, I AM EXPECTED TO PAY HIM MONEY HE DOES NOT DESERVE BECAUSE HIS ATTY RAILROADED US? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! IS THERE ANYWAY I CAN STOP THIS OR CHALLENGE THIS IN THE ELEVENTH HOUR??????????????????? I CANNOT BELIEVE GOD WOULD LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME; I'VE ALWAYS BEEN TRIED TO BE A GOOD PERSON. HELP!!!
Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ely replied 5 months ago.

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I am sorry to hear about this situation.

1) "my ex with his attys help are telling me I have to pay him $75,000 grand in a few days." Define "telling." Did they send a demand letter? Are they asking the Court for the money? Are they suing you? Are they threatening to sue you? Is the money for their client (your ex), or for them in legal fees. Etc.

2) In any court action, did he win against you? Or did you win against him?

Expert:  Ely replied 5 months ago.
Hello! I plan to log off soon and am just touching base to see if you still needed an answer and if you could reply to my query. Thanks!