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My home was shot into in March while my family and friends

Customer Question

My home was shot into in March while my family and friends were sitting on my porch. The perpetrators threatened myself and my family 2 days before, so luckily my family shot back in self defense. Since that time one of the shooters have followed my husband and myself twice and pointed a gun at us. The second time with his children in the back seat and their mother beside him. We live in constant fear. Two of the individuals have murder cases already. The one that has followed us has 2. They continue to let them out of jail each time. It has already been said that they act as informants for the police. I truly believe that. During a preliminary hearing on August 8th, the detective handling the case got on the stand and lied repeatedly. 2 of the guys are brothers. He stated that my husband identified one as the other, etc. We have been looking at the one that followed us for at least 6 years! He has at least 3 kids with the girl right next door, which is also where he and his brother threatened us from, and shot at us from. They were all charged. No one from here was. We have owned this house since 1991. Never an issue until March. Two days later my home was raided and all of my weapons taken. How are we supposed to defend ourselves? Two weeks later we were raided again. Just because, I guess. I feel like the criminal. We have had to obtain carry permits. Our records are clean. Several thousands of dollars of damage to our home not to mention the danger to our lives and no one represents us. Victims Advocate?,that's a joke, it really is. Thousands of criminal defense lawyers, but what about us. I feel so hopeless...
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 9 months ago.

Hi, I'm Heather, an attorney with 15 years experience.

Some states have a program called crime victim reparations, which helps pay for some of the expenses you have incurred as a victim of a crime. For damages that the criminals caused, this is an option. If they are convicted, you can also file documents with the court asking for restitution.

Police are not supposed to be that reckless when they are executing a search warrant, so it surprises me that they were so destructive. You might contact the police dep't and ask for reimbursement. However, alot of times the police are resistant to covering these things but it's worth a try to see if they will voluntarily. If you can't get them to cooperate, the only recourse you have is to sue the police dep't.