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I am a New Mexico resident attempting to renew my drivers

Customer Question

I am a New Mexico resident attempting to renew my drivers license. I was advised there is a hold from R.I. where I lived 22 years ago. I had DUIs in R.I. and attended an Alcohol Treatment program in R.I. All fines and fees were paid and my license was reinstated before I moved to N.M. a year later. My license has now expired, but I will need to reapply if I can be directed how to proceed. I have made numerous attempts to reconcile this with the Motor Vehicle Depts. in both states with no success. Also, I have tried to contact 2 different lawyers in R.I. but have had no response from either. Thank you, ***** *****
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Maverick replied 9 months ago.

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Expert:  Maverick replied 9 months ago.

1. What is each DMV telling you is the problem or the reason for the hold?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
NM DMV advises I need to contact RI to clear this up, and offered no further help. RI continuously gives me another number, then another number until I eventually end up with the first number. They have said it was noncompliance with the order. I have requested information in writing but have not received anything yet. My NM license has now expired and I cannot do anything about that until I get the RI issue taken care of.
Expert:  Maverick replied 9 months ago.

Do you have a copy of the court's order that set forth your fines and punishment?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I have several orders. Please advise how I should forward them to you
Expert:  Maverick replied 9 months ago.

I don't need them. But you may need it in order to solve the problem. The best solution I can come up with is that you or a RI criminal defense or a business litigation attorney that you hire file what is known as a declaratory judgment action to force the RI DMV to remove whatever hold is on your license. Here is the law that applies. Here is a sample complaint that you can use as a go-by. What you will do is file a certified copy of that order with the complaint and also attach certified copies of all documents proving that you completed the punishment and paid the fines and reinstatement fees. This will then force the judge to look at the order and compare it to what you have completed and say "Yes, everything was done per the order. The RI DMV is hereby ordered to remove any hold on your license from its records and further ordered to send a letter to the NM DMV that you are cleared to apply for a NM license."

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Thank you for that information, it's more help than I have received so far. I have attempted to hire 2 different lawyers and still have not gotten so much as a callback from either. I don't know who to try to make contact with. If you could direct me to someone who would at least return my calls I would appreciate it. I cannot travel to RI without a license, or rent a car, or drive at this point. Thank you
Expert:  Maverick replied 9 months ago.

While we are not permitted to refer any particular lawyer to you; you may wish to use the links below to contact one and see if you can pay him for an hour's worth of his time to find out what the problem is. If these criminal defense lawyers won't help you then try a business litigation lawyer to file the dec. jud. action. Click on the links below: