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This is a hospital visit related to an allergy to my

Customer Question

this is a hospital visit related to an allergy to my colostomy pouches. the adhesive caused a reaction that wasn't taken care of and over time an infection set in then the abdominal obstruction that nearly caused my death. picture is from Gateway Hospital on March 8, 2016
-in The following weeks I needed three more stays at Vanderbilt Medical Center for treatment of aspiration pneumonia.
-billing was sent to my Primary Insurance, State Farm.
-the bills were being paid for TBI and Generalized Torsion Dystonia until the Manager at State Farm saw that my claim Representative was mishandling my claim (like I wrote to you in the first letters)
-after he sent my files to a claim representative specialist and she is using the erroneous information
- the first claim representative had tried to enforce her rules and change the litigation plans into plans she wanted by denying anything for caregiving other than $17.00 for miscellaneous expenses and protection which could have actually been as much as $20.00 per day allowable for this according the the contract by State Farm. she, Sue, that is, didn't like what the trial outcome was__being that it was in my favor and her arguments as a State Farm Defendant were not enough to convince the Jury or the Judge that State Farm was not liable.
now all my caregiving payments which weren't adequate are being held until I get a litigation lawyer or the new claim specialist changes her attitude after seeing the transcripts I sent to her yesterday. so far, she is adamant that I see a Neurologist she has set up an appointment for me to see and sign the standard form this company uses before going to trial allowing them to fully investigate my records anywhere for anything and then make a decision based on their findings as to if they will pay and how much they will pay
-I'm certain I will need a lawyer, even the court reporter told me that State Farm has to take care of me for the rest of my life if I'm not getting the caregiving I'm supposed to have to get a lawyer, "and it should be easy since my case has been to court already." and it was settled that State Farm is my Primary Health Insurance and that 24/7 caregiving is granted with the same rate of pay as they would pay the caregivers they hire State Farm is about $400,000 in arrears
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Legal
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Like my first question, I am asking you to find me a Michigan Civil Suit Prosecuting Attorney.
Expert:  Sam replied 10 months ago.


This is Samuel. If you cannot afford a local attorney then I suggest you contact the DOL in your area and file a complaint. Let the Dept of Labor contact the employer to see why you are being put off and the funds not being released.

If you tell me the state of the employment, I can give you the DOL contact information.

At the very least the employer should be explaining why the retirement is not being released. For instance, it could be he is not yet eligible to receive distributions from the plan. For instance, the plan may require that participants reach a certain age before they are considered eligible to receive a distribution. This age requirement can apply even if you are no longer employed with the company.

Or it could be the plan may make payments only at a certain frequency, such as quarterly. Therefore, if you requested a distribution in mid-January, you may need to wait until March 31 before you receive the requested amount.

At any rate they should be at least explaining why and the process.

Expert:  Sam replied 10 months ago.

So if you tell me the state, I can get your local DOL contact information.