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I m a unemployed spouse. I have not worked years because of

Customer Question

I m a unemployed spouse. I have not worked for 14 years because of mental health , physical health reasons and when I did it was not for long.For the last 7 years I was getting disability and ssi both totalling less then 500 dollars a month.when we got together my husband demanded that I did not work. We have a house that's worth 169,000,not including the 15,000 pool .the house is over 2,600 square feet also not including the extra 1000 feet he added...He makes between 5to10,000 month and 80to130,000 a year he wants me to agree to a deal the includes a truck the is almost 20 years old,my clothes , a tv,and a few couches. And 1200 dollars a month rent for rent and lights that it I have no income at this time because they declined my claim again,but I am appealing. How will I make it is this a good deal?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Roger replied 10 months ago.
Hi - my name is ***** ***** I'll be glad to assist.
Expert:  Roger replied 10 months ago.
What you need to look at is whether or not your spouse is offering you enough to maintain your current standard of living / maintain your current bills.
Expert:  Roger replied 10 months ago.
Whether or not this offer is sufficient really depends on your monthly needs/obligations.
Expert:  Roger replied 10 months ago.
The best way to figure what you need is to add up all expenses, subtract shat income you have, and see what the difference is.
Expert:  Roger replied 10 months ago.

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