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My landlord illegally evicted me. He entered illegally,

Customer Question

My landlord illegally evicted me. He entered illegally, demanding I give him the key's. When I refused he called the police said that I was armed with a knife & on drugs, they handcuffed me searched me & I was put facedown while he was inside my basement took my lease and rental agreement, now I've only got a receipt for last month's rent.Then humiliation was bad but the after the police left because I wasn't doing anything wrong he looked the gate so my key wouldn't do any good, that's when I refused to leave & told him I'd hope over the fence & kick in the door or break a window. That's when he left and that was Thursday night. Saturday I come home ti find he'd changed all the locks and that my thing where in a garage he rented behind another property he owens and that if I return the key's I can stay in it and he'd make me the key's so I did and while sitting in this garage with the door half open wondering why this had happened to me up pulls the owner of the garge, I instantly recognized his look his face! My landlord had set me up, he thought I had broken into the garage but he's not listening understandably. So after five squad car's and I once again I am seached while holding the new key's in my mouth I was told to drop them but refuses to, they find out once again not armed or doing anything illegal I told the poor owneri was very sorry to have this happen & I returned the key's to him...after getting the three cop's to please make sure the they put that I returned the owner his key's & would leave earnestly but that I could not carry all my possessions the owner gratuitously gave me three hour's to get my thing out or he have it locked! Thank goodness I was able to get my girlfriend's car n pick-up my things. Also the basement had no heat, electric wiring issue's and there's a window without glass but more disturbing to me is a section of wall that couldn't be opened from my side but only the other exists! Where the renters up inside his property who just happened to be his sister & brother-in-law could enter as well as watch me through a windowthat was covered by a sheet on the others side. NowiI don't have any money because it was take from where I'd hidden it. I'm permanently disabled and on ssi. I don't know what to do? I'm going to be homless because I refuse to out my ladyfreind out anyway. I don't have any idea what to do, & even if I do I'm on foot, no money, and now no home! I'm in downtown Sacramento my name's***** let me know what to do I'm about to have a nervous breakdown!
Thanks again for your time and any advice.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there Richard --


What they have done here is illegally evicted you. There is a legal way to evict a tenant )landlord must take the matter to court and the judge decides if you are to be evicted ) and an illegal way to evict a tenant, and in your case, what the landlord did was illegal (he used illegal self help to run you out with the cops and to change the locks on you, etc etc). You actually have a lawsuit against the landlord for monetary damages for the way in which you have been treated. Landlord has manipulated the police department into going along with him when the police should listen to you when you tell them that you have a lease and a right to live in the unit until the lease is over or until the landlord takes the matter to court and evicts you legally. Under the circumstances, I doubt you will be able to get back into the apartment immediately, but my suggestion to you is to go to your nearest legal aid offices tomorrow morning to get a lawyer working on this matter for you (tell them the urgency of the situation and that you are homeless because of the landlord's illegal actions and you need assistance getting your belongings and suing the landlord for unlawful eviction). Here is a link to the Sacramento legal aid society nearest you where you can get contact telephone numbers for the morning and I suggest that you simply just show up there and ask them for immediate assistance because you have no where else to go.

Here is a link to the Voluntary Legal Services Program in Sacramento:

And also to Legal Services of Northern CA -- they have several offices in and around Sacramento --


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