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Asad Rahman
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I was told by someone in the industry that I worked in years

Customer Question

I was told by someone in the industry that I worked in for many years that my name is ***** ***** within that industry. This individual told me who, but has not contacted me again regarding what was said. I have attempted to contact him to no avail. For over two years now I have been trying to find work in said industry. I took some time away from working to earn another degree. At first a lot of interest is shown by prospective employers because of my experience, but then there is just radio silence. All I know is that the individual who is allegedly making statements about me is under the impression that I stabbed him in the back, but I did not. I have spoke to him and he indicated that it was forgotten, but apparently that is not true. All of us in this niche industry belong to the same organizations. Question: Can I have certain people that I believe know what is being said subpoenaed so that I at least know if there is enough reason to have cease and desist issued?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry for your troubles. If you were to file a legal action yes you could ask the judge to order subpoenas of any witnesses. If anyone is already willing to cooperate an affidavit where they state the facts would help.

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