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I have a securitization analysis report that proves JP Chase

Customer Question

I have a securitization analysis report that proves JP Morgan Chase Bank and the foreclosure they claim is valid is an absolute lie. I have proof that JP Morgan Chase would not close bank accounts in my name and allowed my ex husband to steal funds from my mother and I. These direct deposit social security disability checks were deposited in accounts I could not close for over a decade.
Chase continues to deny any suspicious activity despite my requests for help at the local bank in Sugar Land, TX and requests I have written responses from 2008, 2010, 2013 2014 and 2015. They mail letters that contain fraudulent information that I can prove using the audit, my credit reports, Social Security correspondence and bank accounts that were and are used to wire money that my ex husband can deplete all the funds. I received counterfeit checks in the mail after I opened new bank accounts but instead of the new acct. The old one emerged and hundreds of thousands were stolen with none of the money returned to me. They refuse to send a claim form. They keep sending correspondence to me with various people that never called me nor did they return my calls. They lied to the CFPB and sent documents from the origination of an a ledger loan that are forged. They refuse to send the Deed of Trust and I have not received my mail or phone calls because my phones were tapped and my mail was confiscated. My ex husband has been using forged deeds to obtain 3 different extensions of credit. The house I was awarded in tge divirce, tge bank accout have all been controlled by my ex husband ecause Chase Bank Fondren has allowed him to take all the money I put in my name for personal injury claims. Chase Bank in Louisiana, all my local checking accounts have Baton Rough LA. There is a active loan that was securitized and put into a trust in my mother's name and in the name he used that had me acquire an identity with an incorrect ss number and birthdafe. Although we were divorced in 2001, the bank either does not recognizes we are divorced or they have let him put credit card debts in my name and I have La summary judgment. There is a wrongful foreclosure and a bank account that is still open that he has used to file tax returns in my name and steal the refund. I have been getting the run around for the past year but have also received documents from employees that have been honest and these facts prove that almost everything I have received in writing is not factual and it is sad obvious they are purposely consealing the fraud and long term exploitation and financial abuse that has caused significant physical and emotional injuries after Hurricane Ike destroyed the home and the insurance checks were unable to cash because they would not endorse the back and provided a fraudulent address to mail the checks to tgem. At the foreclosure, the substitute attorneys pressured me hard trying to get me to declare bankruotcy because they said they could work out a deal with the judge. My audit reveals that MERS has no authority to foreclose. Almost 5 years,after a I thought Wells Fargo Bank foreclosed on us in November 2009, I learn that there was a foreclosure removal and the debt was settled and Chapter 11 bankruptcy was filed, I believe on the LLC Corporation that my ex husband made himself the lender. We were in the dark for so long because they used addresses for our mail we never received. The audit reveals that there were were no assignments required by law to securitized the loan but none of these rules were followed . The property has been a rental for almost 6 years because no lender is going to allow for financing and the last current open loan was the one Mother and I made. The appraisal district shows many different owners but there isn't any record of a sale in any of the land records at the County. There are many fraudulent documents including forged deed that were faxed that the took a signature page I signed from a different loan. There are many riders for various loans my ex has taken out because Bank One Services Corporation allowed my ex husband to take ALL of tge real estate and other assets. My ex forged my name on Medical and insurance documents. This Medical fraud and the identity he created for me caused me many problems because people and law enforcement judged me by the identity he created so even when a I filed a complait, nothing was investigated and I was told my credibility was an issue and no one believed me and nothing was investigated. The fraud was cplonsealed and tge bank allowed my ex to sell loans on my house then trick Mother and I into signing papers my ex had his attorneys, tge substitute trustees .of the property continue to actively do whatever my ex husband asks. There was no Truth and a lending docs and my ex had us assume a loan he took out and we had an additional conventional loan that our bank accounts were electronically drafted out of out accounts at both Chase and Wells Fargo Banks a
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The mor.tDuThe acceleration d ept told me I still have a bank account open. I went to the bank to close it snd they have no record of it. I have proof that I could not close an acct that was used in wire fraud and telephone transfers. This All tel aka Winstream acct is connected with the mortgage loans my ex husband used thst I could not close. Sprint fraud dept told me I had 4 accounts in my name from 2000 to 2008. My phone was tapped on the land line with Windstream and my cell phone bills from Sprint never revealed 4 different telephone numbers
When I called to change my number it did not work and the JP Morgan Chase Bank aka Bank One had an old phone number for me as a contact. I never received calls but I did receive checks that had this old number on them and the road was misspelled from 2000 to 2008
There are two signature cards with the bank. One I signed in 1984 my husband had me sign. This special card allowed him control of all bank accounts at Bank One. He moved $200K from accounts I opened in Sugar Land thst telephone transferred all the money to Chase Bank Fondren changing my name to ***** removed my ss number and added my husband to the accoubt years later throughout the 90s. The other card for an account I opened in 8/00 was altered and stamped with Bank One National cash. This Bsnk One Services Corp in Baton Rouge, LA is who my husband used to take over one million in real estate and after the stamp was added all of my bank statements had Baton Rouge in LA on them and my ex husband had control and I have proof of bank statements where he decided where my ss checks for me and my then minor child so he could easily access and drain accounts. There us still one account open I believe was being used for years making it look like I got money. I.e. tax return money where he filed in my identity he createf. The money was directly wired into the account and then stolen. Even when I tried to have Mother's and my ss money put into a USAA account, the money was wired out and out into this Chase accoubt I cannot close
I know there is a 60 day rule but the bank refused to reimburse me. The current Trust that JP a Morgan Chase us Servicing had over $20k. All of this money was stolen out if both Chase and Wells Fargo Banks. The audit states that this Trust did bit follow ant of the rules for securitization and no assignments were done. There was not a true sale and the foreclosure was done using a MERS which I've learned had no right to do so.. The cash out money o $41k was deposited into the account and then drained. Mother and I never got a loan from EMC and Fremont but thar is what the credit reports reveal. The bank says there was a foreclosure removal and additional docs state that a bankruotcy was filed. I believe this happened because my ex husband was the lender and he is using an old office address and when Google makes it look like this LLC is still in business and it is not. Also Chase was sending information about the Trust and loan to an address that kept mail from me. Through every form of fraud and deception my ex conspired and used attorneys to cover the fact that since he's already sold most of the properties and the only two that are left he has used to get extentions of credit using renewal riders, numerous deeds of trust and because he got a deed of partition and didn't refinance I'm Co owner of his property and he still owns half of my property he has used as an investment property using PUD riders I do not really understand. Instead of refinancing and getting a new loan we signed an Assumption Deed where I conveyed my property to my mother and the identity he created for me back in '2001
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I've got a court date on December 10th in Fort Bend County where he has done as he pleases and he has even had his wife press criminal trespassing.I had to pay a lot of money and do one year of probation on a property I'm Co owner of. With the bank covering up everything he has done and attorneys on his side I am wanting the deeds conveyed properly so I can get it back or at least get the rental money he'd teceivibg. The bank says the foreclosure is valid but had two different dates. They believe I acquired the title when I signed the Assumption Deed but this is opposite of what the audit abd the foreclosure attorneys put in their substitute trustees deed when they bought the house instead of selling it. The bank knew nothing about the foreclose and numerous employees told me there is a 0 balance. I just do not understand why the bank is lying on all the written documents in favor of my rc bit telling me something completely verbally. What do you think is my best strategy at this point
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The point is I did not acquire the title in the divorce and I didn't acquire it when I signed the Assumption deed. Finally, the bank sent me documents they were provided abour Mother being put on the insurance as the buyer. This never happened isn't it a requirement to have homeowners insurance. Also the application for the loam that we signed had inflated income and other fraudulent information
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Posted by JustAnswer at customer's request) Hello. I would like to request the following Expert Service(s) from you: Live Phone Call. Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

I understand everything you have said above and the way I understand it you have a suit against your ex for what he has done in all of this. Have you filed suit against Chase for everything you claim they have done yet?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have nit filed suit yet. I don't know what papers to file or how to make them myself. I can't afford an attorney. I need to know what documents to send to them in writing. Also they will not produce the Deed of Trust they have on file. How can zi make them disclose the settlement they made with my ex husband? Am not sure why they are consealing it
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm enforcing the divorce decree that is so long ago. In 2001. All the financial information including the bank account numbers and the deeds are fraudulent. Also, the Summary Judgement in my name that was wrongfully put in my name also involved Bank One. Like the foreclosure the address for Bank One ended up in Delaware just like the foreclosure. I'm wondering now if this credit card debt was securitized as well. Back to the bank. I have the audit that disproved them and tge auditor is willing to testify in court if I need. What papers do I file next?
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your reply.

A consumer protection law attorney generally takes this case on a contingency fee basis if they review your documentation you say you have above and find it is sufficient (it should be if it shows what you say). This means they do not charge you until they win a settlement for you

What you are talking about here is VERY COMPLEX litigation, not something you could even do pro se (without an attorney) as it involves fraud and possible violations of Dodd Frank Act and Regulation Z and TILA. It is not a simple suit.

To start a suit in court, you have to file a complaint outlining all of your facts and evidence supporting those facts as to how the defendant is liable to you. There are no cookbook, preprinted forms for this, the complaint has to be drafted from scratch. So this is something that you cannot do just on your own pro se and you must get a local consumer protection law attorney (from one of the same sites used by other attorneys, or to actually represent you. This is more complex than just having the auditor testify, this is going to require proof of each law broken by the conduct you describe above and these cases are not really from boilerplate complaints, it has to be written specifically based on your facts.

The only way to make them disclose the settlement to your ex is going to be by forcing them through a court order to do so, which you cannot get until you get a suit filed and make a demand and seek the court order.

You have a serious case here if even 1/2 of your allegations can be proven, but it is one that must have a local attorney and it is not one you can even attempt yourself I am afraid, because even the smallest mistake could cause you to lose the whole case and not be able to recover it later even with an attorney.