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I XXXXXXXXX have been falsely accused of being mentally

Customer Question

I XXXXXXXXX have been falsely accused of being mentally incapable of possessing a concealed handgun permit and an improper date has been filed with the douglas county sheriff's department and the fbi stating that i am mentally defective and a record was filed incorrectly. I feel this is a defamation of character and need some council per a rebutal of this claim and charge. I have had several background checks by the fbi and have passed several times. I was given a concealed weapon permit which will expire as of 10-12-2015 and when I attempted to renew the claim was made of a false date of 2-05-2013 which is not accurate. A relative made a false claim in9-2606 which put me in a detention center until 10-25-06 and the result was I was declared sane and the doctors wondered why i was admitted by the false claim. I feel that I don't want this on my record and that with all of the public contact that I have established having 4 bonified businesses with accounts at the various auto parts places here in Parker, Colorado and the connections with CERT ( Community Emergency Response Team) having been certified with the Parker Police and the Douglas County Sherriff as well as serving for years at the Cherry Hills Community Church on the MERT ( Medical Emergenct Response Team weekly where over 2000 people attend and I am associated with and on Tuesday mornings I have been having Bible studies with over 250 men for several years and having served as a choir director for different churches here in the Denver Metro area since 1972 and serving as an instructor as an Eagle Scout for the Boy Scouts of America for Rifelry, Archery, and Fishing and driving a school bus for the Douglas School and Cherry Creek School districts transporting students to and from school and to special sports events for several years as well as working for United Airlines for 15 years and having regular background checks and being trained and tested to handle hazardous materials and working with the passengers luggage, mail and freight and handling 5-10 ton of goods every day for 15 yEARS. The information that i have provided seems to me to be adequate for me to be able to possess a concealed weapon permit for a handgun as well as I don't want this incorrect information on my record. Is it possible for you to assist me in countering the false claim at a reasonable price. Waiting your reply. Marvin
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal