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LaTortue and I had conducted a wire for $ 50, 000.00 dollars

Customer Question

Hi, my name is***** and I had conducted a wire for $ 50, 000.00 dollars Internationally and an error was made by a personal banker at SunTrust Bank on September 03rd 2015. I initially had made a request to have a correction made to have the $ 50, 000.00 dollars go to the correct account number to the recipient that was to receive the funds on Tuesday, September 08th 2015. I received no response in that regard, so, I had made a request to have SunTrust Bank have the funds reverted back to my account once the funds did not come back to my account on Friday, September 11th 2015. I was advised by SunTrust Bank that the Pay Through Bank ( CITIBANK, NA New York ) had made contact with my Recipient Bank and are awaiting for a response from the recipient bank ( Standard Chartered Bank / UNITRUST in Africa ) on Friday, September 18th 2015. It is now Saturday, October 03rd 2015 and the $ 50, 000.00 dollars have "not" been returned to my account at SunTrust Bank and the wire department will not release any information to me with regards ***** ***** Pay Through Bank /or the exact whereabouts of the $ 50, 000.00 dollars is actually located. As it stands, I'm out of $ 50, 000.00 dollars which I have to answer for with investors whom have invested into my Music Tour Company. I would like to hire an attorney to get the answers that I'm looking for because I believe that SunTrust Bank is not leveling with me with regards ***** ***** location of the $ 50, 000.00 dollars. If a law firm / or an attorney that specialize in these types of matters can assist me with this matter and get any results, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, please advise me of any legal fees that I would have to pay for any and all services rendered for the matter at hand. I live in the state of Florida / Miami-Dade County area. The bank where I conducted the wire in-questioned was at the following:
SunTrust Bank
Oasis Plaza
Mail Code FL- Homestead-0118
2952 NE 8th Street
Homestead, FL 33033
Tel: 305.(###) ###-####
Fax: 305.(###) ###-####
24-hour Client Care 800.SUNTRUST ((###) ###-####)
Mr. Oscar Ortiz
Personal Banker / Oasis Plaza
My Info.:
Mr. Henry LaTortue ***@******.***
Mr. Henry LaTortue DBA Torch Management
15601 SW 288th Street, Apt.# *****
Homestead, Florida###-##-####
786.(###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question.

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