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I made one call to my ex-husband's home by mistake (because

Customer Question

I made one call to my ex-husband's home by mistake (because it was my phone for many years and I thought it was his voice mail.) I was calling to see if he could help with a medical issue. His now wife was very kind, told me she had no idea where he was on the high seas and wished me well.
I found myself in a psychiatric ward with a medication issue that was ultimately resolved in about ten days. In the meantime, while being told I was there voluntarily, I was denied medical help for toxic shock syndrome which can very often be fatal. I called my ex-husband's work voice mail to ask if he would call his former landlord and friend who's family owned the facility as I was getting frantic as the days wore on with no care. I used a poor choice to motivate him to help me by reminding him, and his secretary who I left a brief message for, that they falsified a recorded testimony to an insurance company, accepting responsibilty in my place for an accident I had nothing to do with (my insurance was covered by him at the time and he did not forward the documents to me but decided to expedite the case because he eroneously identified himself as the primary driver and me as the second.) Reminding him that he owed me one was not the spirit I intended but again I was frantic and disoriented until my medication was righted.
His secretary responded by dialing the local police informing them she wanted them to call the hospital facility which was detrimental to my petition to be released for medical attention. Again, at the time, my medication was forcing me to be off-kilter and my judgement was poor. I regretfully called him later to confess that a number of upsets had driven me and I apologized, thinking that it was only the stern call that was unwanted, not the sentimental. I relayed that my son is still in pain from losing the stepbrothers he had through him and would he ask his son to call him to support his fight against a heroin addiction.I informed him that following the year we divorced I had a Mass DOR agent dogging me for information on him and his business practice, holding out amnesty for me for disclosing aspects of our tax return she found questionable. She has spent at least $50k extracting $5k from me in hopes of landing the bigger fish.
What dogs our potential treaty is his guilt over being caught with another woman in our marital bed when I came home unexpectedly from a friend's hospice bed. He does not fathom that it means nothing to me because I lost a sister in the debacle when he followed an old movie's advice of deny, deny, deny and went around preemptively telling folks that the (very graphic) scene was my hallucination.
He filed harassment papers with my local police station and I plan to go to the hearing to clarify my belief that this was not harassment but three unpleasant for him phone calls. I have legal business he is culpable for damages for and I don't want the mail to be subject to the arbitrary harassment label. I do know of course to avoid all other contact with him. Do you have a suggestion of what I should say to the judge to ask that this be removed from my record? Am I allowed to counter that his actions were detrimental to me by damaging my reputation at my local police precinct? My ex-husband is a very convincing con man with an army of lawyers and his testimony as a result was not considered suspect.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

It is strongly suggested that you go to the hearing with an Attorney. Otherwise, your ex-husband and his Attorneys would persuade the Judge that you were infact harassing him and even worse blackmailing him. Nevertheless, if you are going to go it alone, you need to make it clear to the Court that you only made two calls to him while you were at the hospital: one asking him for help because you were scared and frantic and the second time apologizing for the tone of your message. That you have not attempted to call him since and two calls do not equal harassment when the second one was an apology for the first. That you have learned your lesson.

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