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My husband of 24yrs + 7=31 all together, divoriced me 0n

Customer Question

Hi im Rose, my husband of 24yrs + 7=31 all together, divoriced me 0n 02/14/2013, because i was sick, he retired from chrysler, in ciurt i had no money,, had not received my SSD, no representation, and i was very medicated on morphine 3×day,xanax 3×day and other heavy meds, married 24yrs, 31all together, i was so medicated, and physical, and mentality sick, i did not know what to do and he forced me to sigh the devoice papers, it was none contested, he got the house, i could not understand the judge and ask her to repeat her self cause i wad to medicated and i guess it was to many times, and she told me to remain quiet, so i did not get any of my husbands pension, or Ss, only thing i got was $300.00 month out of his hands every minth, i had to file bankruptcy, because of him, and it took me 4yrs to get my SSD, and all my billa gir behind to, now i tryin to live off My littke SSD check,and im still sick,and now i live alone, can bearly pay my bills, no in 2015, im still sick use a walker and cane, i still take alot of meds, put not as drugged, can i take him back to court to get more money from him no that mentatty better, cause he's getting his pension, and SS, i got my SSD at age 51 so im nt get probably afourth of what i would have had i waitef until 65, so can i take him back to court now, after almost 2 1/2 yrs for more money, he's 66yrs old it's not fair after31yrs with this man i only get $300.00 out of his hand a month, so if he dies tomorrow i will have nothing,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
can i take him back to court, after 2years, please help me cause i really dont know what to do, and he' s walking around with no worries, nimot fair,help
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Yes, you need to take him back to Court for more spousal support and equitable division of marital assets, which include his pension. You should be getting a lot more than you are getting now. You made the agreement when you were not competent to do so and the marital settlement agreement is NOT equitable—is not fair and equitable and you need the Court to reopen the case to review the property division and spousal support.

I strongly suggest that you try to get the help of legal aid services in your area to assist you with this case. You can also try to see if there is legal assistance from the Court that you can use. You are entitled to substantial part of his pension. The Judge should never have told you to keep quiet when you were trying to talk and should have known that something was wrong when the property settlement was one sided. Click here to find free legal services organization in your area.

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