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Category: Legal
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I am currently being sued for HOA dues and the amount that

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I am currently being sued for HOA dues and the amount that I owe for HOA dues is $990.00, the amount i am being sued for is $3500.00 they are offering to settle for $3000.00 because they state that $500.00 is from interest/late fees. If I send them a check for $990.00 can they still take my house? They have a petition to foreclose on my house already.


Hello and welcome. My name isXXXXX am a Licensed practicing attorney and my goal is to provide you with excellent service today.


If you only pay the $990.00 the HOA in most cases would be able to foreclose on your home,


if the case is being litigated, you should ask the Court to determine whether the interest and fees are reasonable and the Court may force them to reduce the amount charged you, however in most cases interest and legal fees are allowed to be asked for in these types of lawsuits.


You may want to consider a chapter 13 bankruptcy if you cannot afford the $3500 fees,


that would stop the lawsuit and foreclosure,


and allow you a 60 month payment plan for the the fees,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If we agree to settle for $3000.00 and i get this in an email. They have agreed to payments by the end of the year and we make installments but pay the agreed amount by the due date can they tack on additional fees and foreclose on my home even if i've paid the settlement?

If a settlement is reached, the $3000 should not include any extra fees or interest, however they may ask for it and if agreed in writing it would be allowed, if you plan on an agreement, it should be clear and in writing the $3000 is the final amount and will not include any extra fees, interest or legal expenses.
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