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Category: Legal
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Hi I recently entered into a partnership with someone. We signed

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Hi I recently entered into a partnership with someone. We signed a binding binding agreement. I had an established company that provided compliance testing and service work on gas stations. He owns 30 stations and I was to provide service and testing for his locations. He was going to hanfle the financials and I would do everything else. Now the benefit to me would be workibg capital. And we agreed upon a weekly salary for myself. Also he would take care of all parts used and gas and truck payments etc. Well 7 weeks in I was cutoff from my parts supplier. Paid all my own fuel truck payments insurance etc. The only payment I received in 7 weeks was a week and a half pay. I had performed 7k worth of services and parts on his sites alone. Finally I decided to call it quits with him and began getting payments and working for myself again. He still owes me money for the work I performed on his sites and will not pay. In the month and a half I was told to focus just on his locations and my prior clientel fell by the wayside. Well now im scrambling to build my business back up and this parynership rather then producing the 200k in increased revenue has drastically reduced my business. Now he used my competition for a while for testing and even during our partnership used thay company. Im starting to get the feeling that they were in cahoots with each other to destroy my company. What are my options? Sorry if my grammar is bad bud im typing on a phone and its difficult to type on. My wife has her dictorate in english learning arts and would kill me for not throughly proof reading.
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This is an unfortunate situation, in a case such as this a lawsuit suing the partner for a breach of contract, fraud and misuse of funds, should be considered.

You will need to hire a contract attorney to sue the partner and have him pay you damages due to his breach.
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