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Child Parenting Stipulation: how does a parent show that the

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Child Parenting Stipulation: how does a parent show that the other parent consistently doesn't pay their court mandated - pro-rata share of both extra-curricular activities and school lunch costs, and do this successfully.

I share joint physical and legal custody of 2, but I pay her child support because I made more at the time of the final settlement agreement. I must pay 55% pro-rata share additional expenses for extra-curricular activities, and camp up to $2000 cap per child (2 involved). I never miss c.s payments, however I have been paying my share for extras however she has decided not to supply her 45% when due on numerous occassions to which I document and supply her with receipts. For all of 2012 the expense of the lunch account for the 2 children was never defrayed I paid and for 2013 continue to fund their accounts. The children must eat they are not dishes in the sink to see who will care for their needs so I do it as its in their best interest I assure you. But here we are in 2013 and I see the same situation happening again.

How can I have the agreement BINDING on both parties not seemingly just on whether I am paying child support or not. I am not pleased with the present court findings on this matter. NY, Suffolk County

Good evening. I am the expert that will be assisting you with this matter. First and foremost, you must have documentation for all your claims. You need account statements from the children's lunch accounts, invoices and canceled checks evidencing all of your payments. Further, in communicating with your ex-wife in reference to monies for the children, please make sure that you email her or have some sort of paper trail in reference to requesting her to pay her portion of the expenses.


Has your income reduced drastically since the order was executed?

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

At time of order execution my income went from 105k ->out of work -> 90k (presently).