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Good day to you. I am the owner of a diecast miniature

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Good day to you.

I am the owner of a diecast miniature automobiles collection at the scale of 1:43.

I collected around 30.000 miniatures autos from different sources in Europe. The sources being private owners and different shops in Europe.

The manufaturers of those miniatures models are :
1/ Companies that still exist and are active in the diecast market.
2/ Companies that no longer legally exist.
3/ Private diecast modellers.

My question is : "Do I have the right to expose my miniature automobile collection in a Museum ? "

Thank you very much.
Jean Demectrois.

You absolutely have the right to do whatever you want with your collectibles. Under the "first sale doctrine," a person who obtains an item of intellectual property by purchase has the absolute right to dispose of it or display it as that person wishes.

If you were attempting to generate income based upon the goodwill of the manufacturers, that would be a different matter. For example, you cannot market the collectibles as if you were the manufacturer, or as if you have the right to distribute them for the manufacturer. But, you can absolutely market the items that you have acquired, in any manner you wish.

Please let me know if I can clarify anything or provide further assistance.

Hope this helps.
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