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I am shocked that I am being sued for harassment in

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I am shocked that I am being sued for sexual harassment in the workplace. I haven't even worked there for well over 6 months and work for a totally different employer. When I was served papers, both my ex- employer and I are listed as defendants. Does the bank that I work for "have" to represent me, or do I have to pay for my own attorney? I was told by one attorney that the bank has to represent me because I was an employee when this was alleged, even though I did quit two weeks later. Today, the attorney for the bank finally got in touch with me and said they were only retained by the bank and that they had not been retained by me. Does this mean I have to pay for an attorney?
Hello and thank you for the opportunity to assist you. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my very best to answer your legal questions.

Since you are a defendant, you need your own attorney. Even though it may seem that you and the bank are on the same team, that is not necessarily true. There could be a point where your interests split, and where one of you will defend yourself by blaming the other. Accordingly, you should have a different attorney than the bank.

As for who must pay for your attorney ... unfortunately, you must pay for your own attorney, unless you had a contract with the bank which stated that the bank would pay for your attorney if you are sued. I'm sorry to say that without such a contract, the bank has no obligation to pay for your attorney.

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