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I rent at a privately owned building where 4 other residents

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I rent at a privately owned building where 4 other residents live. We all have parking in the rear of the building in between an alley way and a building with a chain link fence. Part of my rent goes to the fact there is parking off the street. The property owner allows a secondary vehicle to park behind the primary spot. Each tenant has one spot and "space" behind their vehicle for a second. My parking spot is the closest to the property line and a wood fence and large hedges line the side. With the chain link fence on the back and the fence and hedges on the side, I personally do not have much room to maneuver into my spot. In fact, I must use a three point maneuver in order to park my vehicle. No other resident has this problem due to the fact there is plenty of room to get into their respective spots. If there is a vehicle that parks behind the one that parks next to me, I cannot get my car out of my spot. I am in essence blocked. This morning there was a secondary vehicle parked behind the car parked next to me and I couldn't get out to go to work @ 9 a.m. I knocked on the door of the resident who owns the car, but there was no answer, understandable because it is 9 am on a Saturday morning. I am the GM of a retail outfit and need to be at the store in the morning to open. I had no choice but to have to try get my car out of my designated spot. Once doing so, I realized I did not have enough room to maneuver my car out of the spot with the chain link fence in front of me, a car parked on the other side, and a large fenced wall on the passenger side. My car was lodged up against the wooden fence and there was no way to move it. I had to continue forward and in doing so a huge dent was made on the passenger side. I know this scenario is hard to describe. I did take pictures of the parked vehicle and all other surroundings and also of the damage that was done to my vehicle. My question is do I have legal recourse to make the property owner responsible for the damage?

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

My apologies to you on your situation. However based on your facts I am sorry but I am not able to see how the individual is responsible. Even if he blocked you in, which I agree is not favorable and not proper, the choice to drive your vehicle out of the spot was still yours. As his vehicle was stationary, the fact that you struck his vehicle is your responsibility since you took upon yourself the risk to attempt the maneuvers. As a consequence the landlord is not liable for the damage. If the other neighbor blocked you in, then you had other options, if possible, to get to work, if your car was blocked. but moving the car made you liable and not the landlord.

I am genuinely sorry.

Please take care.

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