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several yrs ago I had a problem with upstairs neighbor. when

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several yrs ago I had a problem with upstairs neighbor. when they moved i always suspected that when they moved out they sent a letter to current neighbor saying how bad i am. Next neighbor moves in and same thing happens, again & again. Now current neighbor is ready to move out and she screamed at me that she was going to send a letter to new tenants so that they do things to harass me as well. Is there anything I can do to force current neighbor to not send a letter so that new neighbors do not have preconceived ideas about me before they even know me. Is this harrassment? I live in NJ. Thank you.
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It would be harassment once you put them ON NOTICE to stop the behavior because it is harassing and annoying.

To do that, you must write them a letter to Cease and Desist. Tell them, that if they write a letter that is untrue and lies with an intent to harm your reputation and character, you will file criminal harassment charges as well as a civil law suit for defamation.

This letter must be mailed Certified with a Return Receipt Requested to show that you put them on Notice.

The problem is how will you know if they left a letter for the new tenants.

And so I suggest that you can tell the Landlord and see if they can confiscate the letter for you once they move out - and that way you will have the letter to see if Defamation charges are in order.

If the leave it in the apartment the Landlord can legally retrieve the letter as anything left once they move out belongs to the Landlord and it has not gone through the US mail.
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