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This inquiry is on behalf of my friend, Ms. G. Zhu, a Chinese

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This inquiry is on behalf of my friend, Ms. G. Zhu, a Chinese citizen. Ms.
Zhu loaned $40,000 to an American from New Jersey for a new shoe business.
The IOU, signed by the American has been breached with the full $40,000
due Ms. Zhu yet she's received none of it. What are the chances you can
successfully pursue this case and return her much needed funds?
Hello and welcome! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try my level best to help with your situation or get you to someone who can.
Are you looking for information about finding an attorney to represent Ms. Zhu and what the process it, or are you seeking actual legal representation?
The attorney experts here at JustAnswer aren't allowed to represent customers but we are allowed to direct you to resources to locate a local attorney to help and answer legal questions..
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you Barrister.


Ms. Zhu is in need of a lawyer who can pursue her case on her behalf. She lives in Chengdu and can't come to the US to pursue it herself. To make matters worse, she tells me that because she's been financially wiped out by this, she wants to pay the legal fees out of the money resulting from a court judgement. That may be a long shot but she still wants to try so that she can pay her medical bills.


Chinese courts will do nothing with the defendant a US citizen. The IOU is written in Chinese and was signed by the defendant in China. Is this covered under US law? If so, does a court case need to be opened in the county where the defendant lives? Her only US friends are in California. Finally, what lawyers might actually take up such a case?




Ok, she would have to sue the person in NJ where they live under a breach of contract claim in order to obtain personal jurisdiction over them and force them to go to court over this. To be very honest with you, unless the defendant has a lot of assets in NJ, it is pretty unlikely that an attorney would take this on a contingency fee basis. The reason being is that the attorney is going to put a lot of work into locating and suing the person, and they could up and file bankruptcy and the attorney wouldn't get paid. I am not saying that no attorney would take the case, just that it will take some searching.

Although I can't personally recommend an attorney under JustAnswer's rules, customers have consistently reported good results with these sites:




They screen their attorneys based on geographic location, area of practice, time in practice, cost and customer reviews. She would be looking for a civil litigation attorney to help with suing the other person.


But as you probably already understand, it may be a long shot in getting an attorney to take the case without a retainer up front.

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