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Category: Legal
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Hello what do you do when you pay a lawyer to defend an family

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Hello what do you do when you pay a lawyer to defend an family member and he treats the client as though hes guilty he never returns phone calls or texts he never visit his client since day one he doesnt even know his side of his story he only shows up to court only for it to be continue his family told him about other suspects phone records i mean everything he followed up o. Nothing he talks to the states attorney and not the cleint whose been sitting for six months did i mention he also friends to the father of the accuser so it always seen to me he was gonna be doing everything to please his friend cause hes done nothing since day one he should have been fired the family didnt want to believe he would treat them bad and He is my thing is if the client goes to prison or gets probation im gojng for an civil lawsuit for the simple fact no evidence were found none was produce and it and all charges need to be drop why send soneone innocent to hell


Hello I am a licensed attorney. I am here to help answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification


This is a common situation, if the attorney is not representing the client the way he should be, you should first discuss the matter with the attorney,


if he fails to provide you with a reasonable explanation, consider a grievance against the attorney with the State bar association, they will force him to resolve the matter and will investigate his actions, if he has not done his job they can force him to pay the family back the fee that was given.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The Lawyer has been spoken to on serval occassions so now its time to to take him to the bar how do i do that cause next court day is 8 15 13 as i .said before is there anyway i can write to the judge over the courtroom








every State has a bar association, you would need to look up your bar association and they will handle the matter.

If you provide me with your State I can provide you the information as well
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I live in chicago also do i go to the bar before the next court day or wait to see whats happens

You would file the complaint at the above agency, also you may want to wait till after the next hearing date.
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