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I fell at homerama, broke back, now permantently disabled. 2 defendents want me to propose

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I fell at homerama, broke back, now permantently disabled. 2 defendents want me to propose settlement offer> ins for each at least 1 mil. what is resonable request?

This really is not an easy question to answer, and is certainly not a question that can be answered based on your short description. I need much more information.

1. What is the extent of your injury and disability?

2. Are you now prevented from working, if so how much were you making?

3. How much were your past medical bills?

4. How much will your future medical bills be?

5. Do you require any modification to your home because of your disability?

6. Do you require help at home, such as an at-home nurse?

7. How old are you?

8. What is your level of education?

9. What is your attorney's recommendation?

I look forward to hearing back from you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have some college. I was earning between 90-145k per yr. I was 48 at the time of accident. Medical expenses r huge. as a result of trama I came down with multiple scerlosis. within 6 months hopsitalized. I couldnt talk or walk. last fall it became known both my hips r dying> had rt hip total replacement, will need left. just oen hip surgery 67k, many mri tests. home nurses, speech, occupational, physical therapy>. could not drive for a yr. i loved my job at a lrg bank. did very well. they sent me to presidents club trip in St Johns. had to sell my house, my sons had to find their own housing. i am on social security, and long term disability from my bank until 67. i was planning on working there til at least 67. my cliential was very well built. my atty is wanting me to make a proposal, requested by defending attys. I also was on many boards, helped build a house (habitat for humanity) did all this while raising my sons. (one won natl jr basketball tourney). i was getting to where they were coming to age of college. I still worked day, night and weekends. the medical bills will now only mount. i hope i get to hold grandchildren when born

Do you have a doctor who will testify to the fact that your MS was caused by the injury?

Also, the two defendants who are wanting to settle, what did they do to contribute to your injury?

Other than the two defendants who are wanting to settle, are there any other defendants that will remain in the case after/if you settle with these two?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, we have 2 neurologists that will testify trama can bring on MS. 1. is the owner of the property where I fell, a builder in our county where I was a quest to a Homerama preview event. (homerama is where many bldrs have built new homes to be viewed for sale) 2. is the County Homebuilders Assoc. who where in charge of putting event together. the above 2 will not participate in final suit. final suit is workers comp. I was asked to attend evening event by manager. i have to leave in 1/2 to atty office. Last 2 months I was able to work in down market I made 30k. please help

I still need more information.

Is this a workers compensation suit?

In other words, were you at work while you were injured?

What exactly caused you to fall. In other words, what liability can you place on the property owner and on the Association?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no the workers comp is separate, at a later date. yes, it was a work event. I was a senior mortgage loan officer. the steps were made of limestone. there were divets in limestone. I stepped into divet, twisted my ankle and fell back into limestone step behind me. The homeowners assoc. had told builder of this particular home< prior to the opening that day "the stairs were hazardous and no one was to go down them" the steps were not in normal standard depths or heights plus topography of limestone. the stairs were to be roped off. so liability is against owner of property whom was told this + homeowners assoc. who did not follow thru to make certain they were closed. we also have an engineer to testify to sub-standard depth/height of steps. after 4 depos this wk, the other side is requesting I sugest proposal of settlement. this is where I have no idea what to ask for. I have permanent brain damage (black holes, numerous lesions) no hope for getting better or getting my life back

Thank you for your response.

I would place the demand at $5 million or their full insurance policy limits. I would give this to both of them and let them decide how they want to split it or if they both want to simply pay out their insurance policy limits to you.

I'm very surprised your attorney has not suggested a figure and is asking you what you want to settle for.
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