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is it legal to show workers another workers mug shots on the

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is it legal to show workers another workers mug shots on the job thinking its a joke and started to harrass him( the person who pictures was shown?)The person who done this is the owners son and the other person had worked for this priv company for almost eight yrs this oct? I need to know! This person feels he can do what ever he likes and make sly comments each and every day. the person who is getting harrassed is afriad to open a can of worms because it is the owners son.


Unfortunately, showing workers a mug shot of another employee would not be considered illegal. Mug shots are public records and can be disclosed to the general public no matter where they are displayed. Situations like the one you describe are really in the nature of general harassment. And Florida is considered an "at will" employment which means that employers can generally treat their employees as they wish, and complaints concerning general harassment are not actionable. There is nothing the aggrieved employee can do about it.

There is one exception to this and that is if the employee is being harassed on the basis of certain protected classes of person. Protected classes include protection from harassment based on sex, age, race, handicap/disability, national origin, and religion. So, if an employer or employee harasses another employee because you are a woman, because of your color, or because of your membership in another protected class, then that employee may have rights against your employer. But this does not seem to be the situation you describe.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

so in other words the owners son can harrass this worker and make him a markerary of him in the work place at any time and he won't be able to do nothing?.

His only real recourse is complain to the owner about his son's conduct, and if the employee is a good employee, the owner may do something about his son's conduct. But in terms of bringing any type of legal action, there is little that can be done about general harassment of this nature. If the harassment escalates to the point of physical threats being made, then the employee might have a claim of assault against the owner's son.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you

Good luck.