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How do u figure What a lifetime medical claim is worth?? 4

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How do u figure What a lifetime medical claim is worth?? 4 yrs ago I got hurt 2 rupture disk in neck (did not have surgery Doc even said I should wait) settle 20, 000 with lifetime medical. Next they paid for corple tunnel surgry. On right wrist. Would not let them do left. Nerologist said change my lifestyle and I probably should wait weighing the dangers. I was a flatbed hauler for this company I made appox 1450 a week iwas home bi weekly even weekly. Now that I can no longer go the same physical work I pull a dry van I only can gross in a good week 1100 and I am only home once a month. I hurt eveeyday take a lit of ibrupropane
now and then and I know long term heavy use can damage the ku dneys. NO I DO NOT WANT SURGERY. I have been decent about all of this and disnt sit on but I got a new jov and dealt with things. THey want to buy out my lifetime medical. Whats u t worth how do I figure it. Operations are iver 100, 000. 20 yrs lost wages

JD 1992 :

Hello, and thank you for contacting Just Answer. I am an expert here and I look forward to assisting you today.

JD 1992 :

There is no way to advise you as to the value of this claim through this type of forum because we don't, and can't, have the ability to analyze all of your records and the expenses incurred.

JD 1992 :

However, what attorneys do when they are trying to determine the value of a particular item such as the present value of a lifetime medical benefit is they hire an economist to prepare a report on this item.

JD 1992 :

While the economist will charge you to prepare the calculation it is a worthwhile investment since spending a little can save you a lot.

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